Russian American Male Model Dmitriy Tanner is a Marine Hunk

Russian American Male Model Dmitriy Tanner is a Marine Hunk. In the past, when we blogged about hot men in uniform, the men in question would either be a) actors playing the role of soldiers or policemen or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or b) male models modeling various uniforms from the various armed services. Sure, there were instances when we had real uniformed guys in their uniform, such as marine guy David Bradberry or air force pilot Prince Harry in his aviator flight suit, but these instances were few and far between.

hot marine model dmitriy tanner

Well, this time we have an active-duty marine slash male model in his hot uniform. Famewatchers, meet Lance Corporal Dmitriy Tanner. He’s with the marines and he’s based in Fort Pendleton in Southern California.

lance corporal dmitriy tanner

Aside from being a marine, Dmitriy is also a top male model having appeared in the advertising campaigns of top brands such as Diesel, Calvin Klein, and Dsquared. He was also a Calvin Klein exclusive for two consecutive runway shows in 2011.

Dmitriy with Patrick Kafka for Diesel Jeans Spring/Summer 2012.

Dmitriy and other models for DSquared Spring/Summer 2012.

Though he only started modeling in January last year, our soldier/model hunk currently sits on top of the male model list. Specifically, he’s ranked #9 in’s Top 50 Male Models. Here’s what the site says about our Dmitriy:

Dmitriy’s cheekbones could cut glass which is why Calvin Klein anointed the young American Marine as their hyper masculine ideal. From fatigues to the highest fashion platform, welcome to the top of the heap, Mr. Tanner.

And what do his buddies and senior officers say about our marine-turned-top-model? In an interview with, here’s what he said about the matter:

“They joke that they have to roll out a red carpet for me. My higher-up officers are impressed and tell me this is great for me. But they tell me not to get affected by it and [let it] make me become a bad Marine. They don’t want it to go to my head.”

Well, that’s what our friend Deena calls a sensible young man. As you may have already guessed going by his name, Dmitriy traces his roots from Russia. According to, he was born to a single mother who left him and his brother in an orphanage. The brothers were adopted by an American couple who brought them to the United States when Dmitriy was 12 years old. That boy is now a hot, hot, hot man.

Russian American Male Model Dmitriy Tanner is a Marine Hunk. Posted 20 August 2012.