Rufskin Male Underwear Models: Who’s The Best of Them All?

Rufskin Male Underwear Models: Who’s The Best of Them All? It’s been some time since we blogged about men posing in their underoos so we decided to do one for Rufskin which, back in the early aughts, was everyone’s favorite brand. Okay, by everyone, we mean everyone in our very small circle of Famewatchers so we can’t really say whether it ever went mainstream as a brand.

Rufskin is definitely more niche than mainstream but the California-based company continues to exist today so it is doing well. Oh, they expanded their product line too because, if we remember correctly, it was mostly about raunchy and risque underoos but they’re now selling denims, sports wear, leisure wear, and accessories like sunglasses.

Anyhoo, here’s our list of models who posed in their Rufskins. We gotta admit that we’re trying to stay in the good graces of our censorious Grandma Akita so we picked the images that is least likely to catch her ire. Haha. Anyhoo, let’s start our list with Logan Swiecki-Taylor who continues to model and who you can find on Instagram @lswieckitay.

rufskin mens underwear model - Logan Swiecki-Taylor

Next up is Oleksandr Kalinovskyi, a Ukrainian hunk who ain’t just a model but is also an athlete and businessman who founded a mens clothing store called Provomen (@provomen on Instagram).

rufskin male underwear model - Oleksandr Kalinovskyi

The next dude below is Pat Bedard. We went a-looking for what he is doing now but we can’t find any info about him on the internets.

rufskin male underwear model - pat bedard

The fresh-faced guy below is Daniel Peyer. He is now a grizzled veteran, with facial hair and all, in the world of modeling and is also a fitness trainer now. Check him out @ peyerdaniel.

rufskin mens underwear model - daniel peyer

Like Pat Bedard, we also can’t find any relevant information about our next model below, Matthew Born.

rufskin mens underwear model - matthew born

Finally, here’s Rodiney Santiago who you can follow on Instagram @rodineysantiago.

rufskin male underwear model - rodiney santiago

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