Ronnie Barcena: Lazaro Arbos’ Gay Boyfriend?

Ronnie Barcena: Lazaro Arbos’ Gay Boyfriend? Our friends from Vote for the Worst have dug up some photos of American Idol’s Lazaro Arbos being cozy with a cute dude. Not surprisingly, this being the age of the internets, guys and gals are speculating whether the cute dude named Ronnie Barcena is Lazaro’s boyfriend. Good for them if they are a couple, they do look good together, don’t they? And Ronnie’s got a cute nickname for our favorite Idol contestant. Laza? Ain’t that the cutest evah?

ronnie barcena with lazaro arbos

Is Laza really our favorite Idol contestant this season? Sure. He may not be the best singer in the bunch but we’d rather support a raw/untrained/amateur singer like him than the other remaining contestants who may have the vocal pipes but who are uninteresting and downright boring. Oh, and who are being shoved down our throats by the powers that be. We’d rather watch Lazaro and Zoanette than the other contestants. Harharhar!

lazaro arbos with Zoanette

Hey, male Famewatchers, do you get as cozy/intimate as Lazaro and Ronnie with your bros?

lazaro arbos ronnie barcenas

Ronnie’s got some kissable lips! [Note: Apart from modeling, he is apparently also a trainer whatever that means.]

lazaro arbos boyfriend ronnie barcenas - kissable lips

Anyhoo, if Lazaro is indeed gay, we hope he comes out now. Sure, some bigoted American Idol fans will probably hate him for it but he’d be making history (you’d call it a historical milestone if you are Ryan Seacrest) if he comes out while he is on the show. Do it now, Lazaro and we would we here at Famewatcher will always back you up. Who knows, you might end up getting your own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Anyhoo, can you believe that no contestant came out as gay on American Idol during the past 11 seasons its been airing? Sure, one of them came out after the show — we’re looking at you Clay Whatsyourname — but during the show and immediately after it, Clay went on and on and on during interviews about not having found the right girl for a wife. Heh! He was rightfully mocked by our favorite comic, Kathy Griffin.

Another gay American Idol, Adam Lambert, was already out (to his family and friends) so it may be correct when he claims that he didn’t have to come out because there is no closet from which to come out of. Heh! He’s being technical but we love Adam (and unlike Clay he never pretended he’s into girls) so we give him a pass. Besides, anyone who drives us to tears while watching Mad World deserves a pass. Hehe.

We mentioned that Lazaro’s boypal is a model/trainer, right? He sure has the body for it.

ronnie barcena - lazaro arbos boyfriend - model

Lazaro shows off his bulging muscles with his tank top undershirt. We’re afraid this is the closest to an underwear pic of him we can find at this time. Hehe.

ronnie barcena muscle shirt - sexy male model

Awww. Doesn’t he look cute with that shirt on? Reminds us of our high school boyfriend.

ronnie barcena male model trainer

He kinda looks like that Canadian hunk, Ryan Reynolds, doesn’t he?

ronnie barcena looks like ryan reynolds

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