Pablo Turturiello Shirtless, Girlfriend, Frank Sinatra

Pablo Turturiello Shirtless, Girlfriend, Frank Sinatra. Famewatchers, say hi to your next imaginary boyfriend. He’s handsome. He’s got cute curly hair. He’s a triple threat who acts, sings, and dances. And he’s starring as Frank Sinatra in the music drama Mr. Gardel which is being released by Disney+ in the United States as When Frank Met Carlitos which is about how a young Frank Sinatra met the great baritone Carlos Gardel.

Pablo Turturiello frank sinatra

If you’re looking for an example about how basic and self-centered Americans are, you can see it right there in how Disney changed the title. They cannot fathom another nationality in the title role so they gotta wedge in and give the focus to an American. Ugh. No offense to Frank, of course. We’re just stating facts.

Being an up and coming actor/singer in his early 20s, there’s not a lot of information out there about our newest imaginary beau but we he did an interview with a website called where we learn that he is from Uruguay but is based in Argentina. We also learn that he participated in a talent show (like American Idol maybe) and that he took theater classes at school.

More from Revista Brooke on how his career started: “I think my musical training was around the age of 10 with guitar lessons and then piano. But later I realized that I wanted to do all this to be able to sing. So from the age of 14 I started taking singing classes and I was learning various techniques with different teachers. Since I was a child I always took theater classes at school, which I later perfected in seminars and courses in Uruguay. I am currently studying for a degree in acting at the National University of Arts.”

Pablo Turturiello Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? We have no answers to these questions but we will update this post once we do have the relevant information. For the time being, here’s a shirtless Pablo with actress TV presenter Annasofia Facello.

Pablo Turturiello girlfriend or no Annasofia Facello actress and tv presenter

Update: In a 2020 report, reveals that our Pablo went on a date with a girl named LucĂ­a Villar who was his fellow contestant on a show called Cantando 2020. They quote Pablo saying this about their date:

“I like her a lot. I get nervous and freak out, because I just heard that she likes me too, so that’s what happened for now. We had some kind of date at the bar, here, a while ago. for a while, but it was very calm.”

Pablo Turturiello Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Speaking of shirtless Pablo, here are more photos we grabbed from his Instagram page which you should follow @turtupab.

Pablo Turturiello hot abs

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Pablo Turturiello underwear

Pablo Turturiello shirtless abs

Pablo Turturiello gay or straight

Pablo Turturiello ropa interior

Pablo Turturiello shirtless

Pablo Turturiello Shirtless, Girlfriend, Frank Sinatra.