Nicholas Gonzalez Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Nicholas Gonzalez Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Famewatchers, say hi to our latest imaginary beau. He is hot as hot can be. He looks good in a tank top shirt. And he is a doctor, well, not a real doctor but a TV doctor. If you are a fan of the ABC show The Good Doctor, you’d be familiar with the guy we are talking about but if you’re not, say hi to Nicholas Gonzalez who played Dr. Neil Melendez on said show.

Nicholas Gonzalez young hot in tank top

Oh, actually, he could have been a doctor in real life too if he were so inclined and did not opt for an acting career. Apparently, according to, both his father and brother are doctors IRL who roll their eyes when he jokes that he is the third doctor of the family:

His dad is Dr. John Gonzalez, a retired dermatologist, who enjoyed a long, successful practice in San Antonio, and his brother, Dr. John Gonzalez, Jr., specializes in bariatric surgery in the Alamo City.

“I tell them, ‘You have a third doctor in the family,’” Gonzalez said. “My brother and dad roll their eyes.”

Nicholas Gonzalez Gay or Straight? He is straight and is very much married to wife Kelsey Crane. The two tied the knot five years ago in 2016 and are now the proud parents of a young girl. Here’s the couple during their wedding:

Nicholas Gonzalez wife wedding Kelsey Crane

And check them out attending the Avengers movie premiere:

Nicholas Gonzalez now

To his credit, he may be straight in real life but our hunky Latino is one of the brave actors who ain’t afraid to play an LGBT character back in the 1990s. Specifically, he played a gay yuppie on the MTV anthology series Undressed which aired in 1999, a time when Hollywood and the rest of the world, were not exactly embracing LGBT characters. Here’s Andy and his love interest Joel (played by Eyal Podell) during an episode of the show:

Nicholas Gonzalez gay with eyal podell in mtv show undressed2

Nicholas Gonzalez Shirtless and Underwear Photos. For the thirsty hos among us:

Nicholas Gonzalez abs

Nicholas Gonzalez shirtless young in the oc

Nicholas Gonzalez underwear in pretty little liars

Nicholas Gonzalez underwear

Nicholas Gonzalez gay or straight

Nicholas Gonzalez shirtless in being mary jane

Whether shirtless or wearing clothes, our imaginary beau certainly still makes us go “Awwwwww”.

Nicholas Gonzalez hot now

Nick Gonzales hot

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