Michael J Willett Boyfriend, Shirtless, Gay in Real Life

Michael J Willett Boyfriend, Shirtless, Gay in Real Life. Yes Famewatchers, the 24-year-old Michael J. Willett who is known for playing young LGBT characters is a friend of Dorothy not only onscreen but in his real life as well. He came out when he was only 13 years old.

He tells us more in an interview with Xfinity: “I came out when I was 13 and started to become more open about liking boys and I still ended up dating girls and boys. It seems to be the natural progression from where I was but it wasn’t a shock to anyone that I was close with. I was always a very creative kid, very sensitive and it was always just a part of who I was. I guess I sort of got bullied in high school but no more than anyone else. I felt like everyone was weird or different.”

Michael J Willett Boyfriend? We don’t know if Michael J has a boyfriend in real life but here he is, as Lionel Trane, going kissy-kissy with Marshall Gregson (played by Keir Gilchrist) in an episode of United States of Tara. If you happen to know more about our current Michael’s relationship status like whether he’s dating anyone and the name of the lucky guy (if any), do tell in the comment section.

Michael J Willett gay in real life - kiss - united states of tara

Michel J currently stars in the MTV show, Faking It, where he is best friends with Gregg Sulkin’s Liam Booker. Check them out dancing together. Does this mean they’ll be an item on the show? Nah, they’re just dancing as best friends. By the way, do you know that “same-gender dance partners” is now a category in dance competitions?

michael j willett gay dance with gregg sulkin

Michael J Willett Shirtless Photos. Of course you want some shirtless photos of the Faking It star. Of course, he is happy to oblige and give you some images.

michael j willett gay or straight

Michael takes a selfie. We should include this in our guys with iphones category. That’s a very interesting tank top shirt he’s wearing, no?

michael j willett selfie

His photo below is probably our favorite among these pics. Nice, Michael J, very niiceeee!

michael j willett shirtless photos

That’s it for now, fellow Famewatchers. We promise to bring you an update about Michael J’s boyfriend should we find out that he has one.

2020 Update: Nope, we still do not know if our Michael has a boyfriend. But on the MTV show Faking It, his Shane Harvey dated hunky jock named Duke Lewis Jr. who was played by Skyler Maxon. Here’s a still photo from the now defunct series showing our lovebirds being lovey dovey with each other.

Michael J Willett faking it with Skyler Maxon

Aww. These kids. Considering that young people these days do not read books, we gotta give these two props for reading one while taking a break from Duke’s workout. Oh wait, it’s a picture book, we do not think this counts. Haha.

skyler maxon gay with michael j willett in faking it

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