Bench Mens Underwear Models on the Runway

Bench Mens Underwear Models on the Runway. Want some male Bench underwear models? This has got to be the sexiest photo coming out of the Bench Blackout Underwear show so far. These Pinoy hunk trio of Carlo Guevara, Ron Morales, and John James Uy must have had some frisky fun working to produce their undies, no? Nice. They can’t beat Benjamin Godfre’s bulge though and, most especially, Alexander Despatie. [Update: Apologies, we had to delete some photos referred to in this post.]

Okay, so these guy’s underwear are nice and intriguing. But what do you think of them paper crane thingies they’re made to wear around their necks. That’s probably one of the most ridiculous things we’ve ever seen in a runway. Seriously. Whoever thought of that should be fired.

UPDATE: More Pinoy celebrities as Bench mens underwear models.

Brent Javier. Hey there Brent Javier, my friend. Were you really Piolo Pascual’s boyfriend? Or was it Tim Yap? Hah, that lucky Tiny Tim. Just asking :-) Nice model pose, by the way. Next time, get rid of them undies.

Jon Avila. No doubt about it, Filipino male Jon Avila is the hotness. What a hunk. We’re not a fan of his hair in this particular runway walk because it reminds us so much of Tim Yap which isn’t good.

He’s a great looking underwear model though. He fills up his Bench boxer briefs so nicely. Props to you Mr. John Mullaly, may you have more underwear shows to come.

Luke Jickain. Hmmm. The picture is a bit dark but French-Filipino model Luke Jickain is yummylicious. He seems to be in very great shape too. What a hunk :-)

UPDATE: Better photos. We think they’re also from the same Bench Underwear fashion show. What do you think?

Diether Ocampo. Whatever happened to hunk dude Diether Ocampo? We hardly hear anything about him lately. Although, truth be told, I’ve not been paying much attention to news concerning him. Hehe. To his credit, he looks nice in his runway jeans, no.

Zanjoe Marudo. Hmm. Zanjoe Marudo may be gay, according to some tattlers anyway, but there is no doubt that Zanjoe is a Pinoy hunk. Oh, and he’s got great washboard abs too.

Bench Mens Underwear Models on the Runway. Posted 27 July 2008.