Matthew Perry Underwear: Joe Boxers & Boxer Shorts – Photos

Matthew Perry Underwear. We didn’t think we’d be blogging about Matthew Perry’s underwear because we mainly think of him as the cute funnyman who makes jokes but since some of you asked, well, we have no choice but to oblige. And, boy, we sure are glad you asked because otherwise we won’t have discovered this gem.

Damn, who would have thunk that Chandler Bing would be so gifted down there? Gives new meaning to the phrase “whatta load of junk”. We will be imagining that hot Joe Boxers boxers every time we watch a re-run of Friends now. By the way, the gif image above is from the 1999 movie, Three to Tango, where Matthew Perry stars with Neve Campbell and Dylan McDermott.

Does Matthew wear boxers or briefs? After seeing the image above, we’d like to see him wear nothing but skimpy thong-like briefs but he’s apparently more of a boxers kind of guy. Back in 2005, he hosted the ESPY (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) Awards and stripped down to his boxers to the delight of his fans. Here are some photos from said event.

matthew perry underwear joe boxers

matthew perry boxers or briefs

Want more male celebrity underwear?

matthew perry underwear friends banned

Update: Here’s a screencap of the Friends cast in their underwear from a commercial for the show. The Friends dancing in their underwear commercial was reportedly banned by the powers that be so it was never shown. It did not affect the show though because it went on to become one of the most popular sitcomes of all time.

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matthew perry suit

matthew perry style - white suit

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