12 Shirtless Teen Hollywood Actors: Photos

Shirtless Teen Hollywood Hunks. Famewatchers, we’re presenting to you 12 young men who began their careers in tinseltown as child or tween actors but have successfully managed to transition to young adult roles. Let’s begin with:

Billy Unger: Florida native William Brent Unger began his career back in 2007. He is now one of the mainstays of the Disney XD’s Lab Rats where he plays the leading role of Chase Davenport.

shirtless teen actors - billy unger chase lab rats

Blake Woodruff: Wondering about whatever happened to the young boy, Mike Baker, in the 2003 Steve Martin movie Cheaper by the Dozen? Well, he’s a 19-year-old grown-up now. Here he is playing near a swimming pool.

blake woodruff shirtless

Callan McAuliffe: Callan is only 19 but he already has a prestigious award to his name: he’s one of the recipients of the 2012 GQ Men of the Year Award for his work in the performing arts. Impressed? You’ll be more impressed with this photo of him where he sizzles in tight body-fit shirt. For sure this Aussie teen star has got the x-factor.

calllan macaulliffe - body fit shirt

Devon Gearheart: A still photo of Devon Gearheart from an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Maybe some of you can enlighten us what’s going on here? Is he crying? Why?

shirtless teen actors hollywood - devon gearheart - law and order svu - 2013 episode

Dominic Scott Kay: You may remember Dominic as the young Sean in Minority Report or as the son of Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) in Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End. What is he doing now? Well, he’s grown up but has not lost his cuteness as you can see in his pic below. In 2013 he auditioned for The Voice but, unfortunately, didn’t make it. Well, there’s always acting for him.

dominic scott kay shirtless

Jake T. Austin: The Fosters actor Jake T. Austin may only be xxx years young but he must have been working out at the gym. If our beau has well-defined abs like Jake, we’d order him to walk around shirtless at home. Haha. Want more young guys with washboard abs?

jake austin - shirtless - teen hollywood hunk

Kenton Duty: Texas teen hunk Kenton Duty began his Hollywood career back in 2006 and has been acting since then. Check out for him in two upcoming movies scheduled for release this year according to IMDB: Little Savages and The Adventures of Mickey Matson and the Pirate’s Code.

shirtless teen hollywood actors kenton duty

Luke Bilyk: Since 2010, Luke is one of the regulars of the MTV teen drama, Degrassi, where he plays the role of Andrew Torres. This Canadian hunk is only 19 years old.

Luke Bilyk shirtless teen hunks

Luke Benward: Luke Benward have been pretty busy the past few years having starred in TV shows (Ravenswood, The Goldbergs, Good Luck Charlie, See Dad Run) as well as TV movies (Cloud Nine and Madison High). We hope he continues to be busy a busy guy.


Ross Lynch: Eighteen-year old Ross Lynch currently stars as Austin Moon on the Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally. He’s also a founding member of the band R5. At 6 feet, Ross is probably the tallest guy among the up-and-coming stars of Hollywood.

ross lynch shirtless teen washboard abs

Cody Christian: Don’t you just love Cody as Mike Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars? But we love him more as Peter Malarkey in the Hunger Games parody movie, The Starving Games.

shirtless hollywood teen hunks - Cody Christian of Pretty Little Liars

Here’s Cody as Peter Malarkey:

Jimmy Bennett: Jimmy has the most acting credits among our group of 12 young actors. Watch out for him in three upcoming movies: The Bully Chronicles, Camouflage, and Badass 3.

shirtless teen actors - jimmy bennett

That’s it for now, Famewatchers. Is there a young teen Hollywood actor we should have included in the list? Do name them in the comments.

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