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Martin Wallstrom Gay or Straight and Other Stuff. Time to blog about another Swedish hunk. This time, let’s check out Mr. Robot’s Martin Wallstrom, the gender fluid executive of E Corp who uses s*x as a weapon to get what he wants.

martin wallstrom body in mr robot

This includes going gay and doing the horizontal dance with a dude played by Mitchell Winter.

mitchell winter gay kiss mr robot
martin wallstrom gay mitchell winter - mr robot

All that pushup exercises must have made Martin a pretty good horizontal dance partner, no?

martin wallstrom shirtless body - mr robot

Push it, baby!

martin wallstrom shirtless mr robot

Not surprisingly, the episode where Martin’s Tyrell Wellick does Mitchell’s Anwar has led many people to ask “Are Mitchell Winter and Martin Wallstrom gay in real life?”

So is Martin Wallstrom gay? Nah. He is straight in real life. And he’s married too. According to wikipedia, our 32 year-old Swedish hunk is married to Lisa Linnertorp since 2008.

Martin Wallstrom Shirtless Photos. This section is for those of you looking for Martin’s shirtless photos. Watchu doin’ lover boy?

martin wallstrom tyrell wellick body - mr robot

Martin’s first acting gig outside his native country has earned him praises. For instance, named him as its Best Actor of the Week last 21 August 2015. Here’s what the site says about Martin:

The acting has been phenomenal across the board, but in “Mirroring,” Martin Wallström took things to a new level. His thwarted tech officer Tyrell Wellick is a man plagued with dark impulses. In an incredibly difficult scene in an early episode, we watched him pay a homeless man in order to beat him mercilessly. He first affected an air of power that seemed to suggest complete control, but that facade quickly faded. His can’t get a meeting with the boss, he’s overlooked for a promotion, and a scheme created with his robot-like wife Joanna (Stephanie Corneliussen) ended in murder.

The denizen of is impressed with Martin too and would like him nominated for an Emmy acting award. It would be a validation of our Swedish guy’s decision to try his luck in Hollywood if that happens, no?

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