Mark McAdam Boyfriend, Shirtless, Sky Sports Reporter

Mark McAdam Boyfriend, Shirtless, Sky Sports Reporter. It is still Update Wednesday so we’ll continue to add more info to the blog posts we wrote in the past. This time, we bring you these shirtless and underwear photos of our favorite TV sports journalist. Mark continues to thrive as a reporter/presenter for Sky Sports particularly Soccer Saturday. Props to the guy for coming out nearly a decade ago and props to his work colleagues for embracing him.

For those of you wondering whether Mark has a boyfriend, the answer is we do not know. If he does, then he’s done a pretty good job of keeping it private. Then again, we think he’s not the secretive kind of guy considering that he’s open about showing us his underoos.

mark mcadam shirtless

mark mcadam underwear

He’s also not shy about sharing photos of fans kissing his cheek in public. Hmmm, maybe this guy is actually his boyfriend?

mark mcadam boyfriend or not

Mark McAdam Awards. The Sky Sports presenter still has to receive any award from media or LGBT organizations but he is game and happy to hand out awards to colleagues as he did in the photo below where he was asked to give the Broadcaster of the Year award to Rylan Clark. The award is from the British LGBT Awards. He should eventually become an honoree, no?

mark mcadam awards and achievements

Mark McAdam Gay Sports Reporter (2 September 2014). Who says gay men are not interested in sports? Not Mark McAdam, reporter for Sky Sports, who recently came out as a friend of Dorothy in an interview with British gay mag publication, Gay Times.

mark mcadams skyports gay - boyfriend

He talks about his coming out (via “I don’t know of any other gay sports reporters. There’s nothing to compare this to. I battled with my sexuality for years and years. Only gay people will ever understand the trauma you go through about accepting your sexuality.”

mark mcadam gay - sky sports

He adds: “The reason no Premier League footballer has come out is because of the fear… and the football clubs know billions and billions of pounds are at stake. I love football, just the same as any straight guy. I watch football, I watch the darts, I sit around and scratch my bollocks and p*ss on the toilet seat. And I’m gay.”

Well, before he officially came out, Mark may have been dropping hints about his sexuality by sharing photos like this on his Twitter account.

mark mcadam boyfriend

Mark McAdam Boyfriend: Is He Dating Anyone? Okay, now that we know that you are gay, you should now prove your gayness by dating a man. Haha. We’re joking, of course. But does Mark McAdam have a boyfriend? Maybe he will tell us in the coming days. Or maybe we should do what we did with Tim cook (see Tim Cook’s Asian Boyfriend) and match the Sky News reporter with a suitable beau?

mark mcadam gay sports reporter

What say you, British Famewatchers? Who would you shack up with Mark McAdam? What about we pair him with our favorite British redhead and Olympic gold medal winner Greg Rutherford? The would look good together, right?


Update: Oops, we double checked and found out that Greg Rutherford is actually straight. Oh my, why did we think he’s gay?

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