Tim Cook Asian Boyfriend: Let’s Match Him With a Gay Hunk

Tim Cook Boyfriend 2020 Update. Apparently, the Apple CEO’s mysterious Asian boyfriend has actually been identified by shanghaiist.com two years ago in May 2018. His name is Benjamin Ling, a techie hottie who graduated from Standard University with a Master’s and PhD in Computer Science. He also worked for companies like YouTube, Facebook, and Google. Interestingly, in our original post below, a tech observer wanted to match Tim and Ben together. Little did they know that they are already an item.

tim cook boyfriend benjamin ling

However, a few months after Benjamin was ID’d as Tim’s boo, tech-disruption.com reported that the two have actually broken up and that the Asian hunk is actually dating another techie hottie by the name of Chris Coudron. Here are photos of the two lovebirds together.

tim cook benjamin ling - boyfriend chris coudron

benjamin ling chris coudron boyfriend

Aww. These two!

tim cook benjamin ling boyfriend chris coudron

Tim Cook Asian Boyfriend?. What do you mean you didn’t know that Apple CEO Tim Cook is a friend of Dorothy? Everybody’s been talking about it — from the shit-stirrers of Gawker who have been fanning the “Tim is gay” flame since forever, to the CNBC anchor with a big mouth and a slippy tongue who “outed” Tim Cook, to the geek denizens of the Apple Insider forum who don’t give a damn about who the Apple big man horizontally dances with, to the LGBT bloggers and editors of LGBT magazines who include him in their “most powerful lists”, and to everyone and their grandmama and their nanny who won’t do her job but who can’t be evicted out of the house.

What people still don’t know and are now openly wondering about is the identity of Tim’s boyfriend (or partner or husband) or whether he has any significant other.

We have no idea but the folks at Gawker have some relevant info: “If Cook is in a long term partnership, he’s kept it well hidden. Given his brutal work schedule, though, it’s hard to imagine how he’d find time. Still, he’s got enough experience to have developed some preferences; our tech executive source claims Cook is into Asian guys, a tidbit that prompted another tech observer, with whom we shared the item, to propose some strategic matchmaking that would pair Cook with Google hotshot Ben Ling. It’s an inspired match: Perhaps the coupling could build a bridge between two corporate nemeses.”

But we should not limit Tim’s partner to another techie. Sure they can talk about the same stuff but that will get boring in a week. We should pair him with other Asian guys who a) come from a field other than tech, b) are openly flying the rainbow flag, c) who made a name for themselves, and d) would look good in jeans and casual shirts because this appears to be Tim’s go-to look. So here’s a list of 10 guys who, we believe, are a good match go to as the Tim Cook Asian boyfriend:

1) Anthony Wong (Hong Kong singer): He opened up about his preference by saying these words during a concert: “I’m not a tongzhi, I’m homos*xual, I’m G-A-Y gay. We’re living in the 21st Century now. There’s no need for us to live in a fantasy world. There’s no need for us to seek the approval of anyone else just to love somebody.”

tim cook boyfriend - Anthony_Wong_GQ_Cover - hk popstar

More from Anthony: “So there’s no need for anybody to guess ‘Are you gay?’, ‘Am I gay?’. To all our media friends: I will sing for another 20 years, but please do not ask me such questions any more. As for why I didn’t disclose my s*xual orientation earlier, I was just afraid that you wouldn’t have any gossip to spread. Now that everything is done, thanks everyone.”

2) G-Dragon (member of the Korean boyband Big Bang): There’s a question yet whether or not he is under the LGBT umbrella but G-Dragon and fellow Big Bang boyband member Top shared a steamy kiss that sent the world of Korean Popdom a-twitter.


3) Bradley Darryl “BD” Wong (Chinese-American actor): He plays the gay FBI agent Dr. George Huang. He is also gay in real life.

bd wong gay asian actor

4) Brandon Lee (Filipino-American gay p*rn star and chef): He did some adult movies, served in the US Navy (or Marines), and is now a chef in San Francisco according to an SF Weekly article from back in 2010.

tim cook asian boyfriend - suggestions - brandon lee

5) Hong Seok-cheon (South Korean actor, male model, restaurateur, and politician): He came out as a gay man in 2000 and is currently the most prominent LGBT celebrity in Korea.

Hong Suk Chun - gay korean celeb

6) Pongsak “Aof” Rattanaphong (Thai singer): Like Anthony Wong above, Aof came out to his fans during a concert by saying this: “Who didn’t know I was in the closet? No one. But I think coming out will let my fans trust me more and make me more accessible to them. Now there are no doubts about me.”

Pongsak Aof Rattanaphong gay

More from Aof: “I have no one special yet. My kind of man? Just a good person, I guess. Frankly, I enjoy making money. It’s okay if someone comes along and doesn’t obstruct my plans, but if I had to choose, I’d choose the money!”

7) Xiadai Muyi (Mr Gay World China 2010): He made headlines around the world when, despite a government ban, he went on to represent China in the Mr. Gay World contest. He placed fourth out of 23 contestants.

8) Raymond Chan Chi-chuen (Hongkong DJ-turned-legislator): From the South China Morning Post: Hong Kong does not seem to be at the forefront as far as gay rights are concerned. Despite efforts to promote equal opportunities for all regardless of s*x, race, age, religion and political conviction, the issue of s*xual orientation remains a taboo for many in our society. Although the level of tolerance has, thankfully, increased over the years, gays and lesbians are still expected to keep a low profile in public.

Raymond Chan Chi-chuen - gay hk politician

More from the SCMP: It is, therefore, a welcome change for newly elected lawmaker Raymond Chan Chi-chuen to openly declare he is gay after a successful maiden bid in New Territories East. The political novice of the radical People Power party said he had not attempted to hide his orientation during the campaign, though he had not wanted to use what he called a “private matter” for publicity. This is understandable, given that our society remains largely conservative.

9) Darien Chen (Mr Gay World Taiwan 2013): He represented Taiwan in last year’s Mr. Gay World competition. He’s now a part in organizing Pride events in Taiwan.

darien chen - mr gay world taiwan 2013-2

10) John Raspado (Filipino winner of I Am Pogay contest): He won the I Am Pogay reality TV contest of a local TV studio.

john raspado - pogay hunk

So what do you think of these guys we suggested as the Tim Cook Asian boyfriend? Who is the best match for our Tim?

Tim Cook Asian Boyfriend: Let’s Match Him With a Gay Hunk. Posted 10 July 2014. Last updated: April 16, 2020 at 1:57 am.