Levis 501 Womens Jeans: Female Celebrities Wearing Levis 501

Levis 501 Womens Jeans: Female Celebrities Wearing Levis 501. What do you think of award-winning actress Drew Barrymore’s Levis jeans¬†below. Does it remind you of the 1960s when flare-cut trousers and bell bottom jeans were all the rage? By the way, for those of you wondering, she’s wearing Levis 501.

levis 501 womens jeans

The style is apparently making a comeback for quirky people like Drew.

levis 501 womens jeans drew barrymore


Levis 501 Womens Jeans Update.¬†Obviously, the talented and gorgeous Drew Barrymore ain’t the only Hollywood gal who wears Levis 501 jeans. The 501 lovers list includes American singer/songwriter/fashion designer Gwen Stefani who’s seen in the photo below dressed in a Levis Capital E 501 Boyfriend Jeans. Who says its not fun to wear boyfriend jeans? Not your Hollaback Girl who sure is the embodiment of fun in her picture below.

female celebrities wearing levis 501 gwen stefani

Then there’s Twilight girl Ashley Greene who, like Gwen above, is also into boyfriend jeans. However, unlike the singer who’s got a Levis Capital E, the actress/model prefers a Levis 501 Patched and Repaired Boyfriend Jeans. Good choice, Ms. Ashley.

female celebrities wearing levis 501 ashley greene

Like her less famous co-star, Kristen Stewart also loves her her Levis 501. In fact she’s been quoted to have expressed his love for the brand with words that go something like this: “I love Levi’s 501. They’re fitting great.” Very unequivocal endorsement, no? Here’s Kristen wearing her Levis 501 during the shooting of her 2007 movie, In the Land of Women. [Yes Virginia, she makes movies other than Twilight.]

Of course, it ain’t just American girls who love them their Levis 501. Beauties from other nations, such as Kaya Scodelario, love this denim classic too. Kaya, for those of you not familiar with her is an English model and actress. According to wikipedia, she is most famous for her role as Effy Stonem in a British television drama called Skins.

Now, before you conclude that Levis 501 is only about trousers, here’s a photo featuring Hollywood A-Listers Penelope Cruz and Gwyneth Paltrow wearing a Levis 501 Miniskirt Drift.

levis 501 womens jeans gwyneth paltrow

Yup. 501 also comes in mini-skirts. This is cool because it gives fashionistas other choices, no? The Levis Miniskirt Drift is the perfect outfit if you want to look like a slutty badass who’s ready to kick some misbehavin’ fool’s ass.

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