Leopard Print Still Trendy: Dress, Swimsuit, Shoes, Coat, Bags

Leopard Print Still Trendy: Dress, Swimsuit, Shoes, Coat, Bags. Is leopard print still “in” this year as well as in 2013? Is it in or is it out? Well, judging from the dress Heidi “As you know in fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out” Klum was snapped wearing recently, there is no doubt that leopard print dresses are still very much “in”. In fact, it would be safe bet to say that it will remain “in” style for a long time to come.

leopard print still trendy

Want more Leopard Print Dresses on Celebrities?

leopard print dress heidi klum

Why, are we betting that leopard print outfits will remain in fashion? Because the look is interesting and it almost always manages to evoke a reaction — whether good or bad, positive or negative — from people. You would know that once fashionable “in” styles become out of fashion when people see it as if it is not visible or a part of the background or when you people do see it but say “Meh”.

Anyhoo, let’s check out more outfits and accessories made of leopard print, shall we?

What do you think of Lady Gaga’s leopard print bag? Cool, no? It’s made by the fabulous designers of Versace, for the brand conscious among you who are wondering.

leopard print bag lady gaga

Wanna see a one-piece leopard print swimsuit? Unfortunately, we don’t see much of this outfit on Korean singer Lee Chae Rin. You can buy one for yourself to wear to the beach on these dying days of summer at H&M.

leopard print bathing suit by hm - Lee Chae Rin

Canadian actress Charlotte Sullivan in a leopard print trench coat by YSL. It looks as fabulous as the London Fog Leopard Print Coats we’ve blogged about a few years ago.

leopard print coat - YSL Trench - on Charlotte Sullivan

And, finally, here’s award-winning actress Chloe Sevigny in a pair of Ralph Lauren leopard print shoes.

leopard print shoes - ralph lauren - chloe sevigny

By the way, us ladies are not the only ones who love us our leopard prints. Men are loving this look too. For instance, check out David Villa’s Christian Louboutin Leopard Print Sneakers.

Leopard Print Still Trendy: Dress, Swimsuit, Shoes, Coat, Bags. Posted 16 August 2012.