Leopard Print Dresses on Famous Celebrities

Leopard Print Dresses on Famous Celebrities. Do you think them PETA people will go after these famous female celebrities for their leopard print dresses? PETA being PETA (didn’t they complain when President Obama caught and killed a mosquito?) we won’t be surprised if they do. Anyhoo, here’s some Hollywood girls going for the leopard look and are rocking their leopard print dresses.

leopard print dresses halle berry

Academy award winner Halle Berry in her Dolce and Gabbana leopard print dress.

leopard print dresses jennifer lopez

Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez is really looking good in her long leopard print gown, no?

leopard print dresses jessica alba

We wish we have a better photo of the divine Miss Jessica Alba and her outfit but we have to settle for the one above. Sorry.

jessica simpson leopard print dresses

Jessica Simpson in a reddish leopard print outfit. We’re gonna pretend that the red color came from the blood of the slaughtered leopard. Nah, not really. We can’t do that to Jessica because we have grown to love and admire her. The girl’s built a fashion empire and she deserves lots of props for that!

leopard print dresses on katy perry

Finally, girl-kisser Katy Perry apparently also likes to wear them leopard dresses. Want more Katy Perry fashion style?


Sexy Leopard Print Dresses: Kim Kardashian, Lisa Rinna, and Rihanna
04 July 2010

Want more female celebrities wearing leopard print dresses? Here’s the curvy Kim Kardashian in her classic spaghetti strap leopard print. The black kitten adds a really nice touch to the whole scene.

leopard print dresses kim kardashian

Lisa Rinna is looking gorgeous on the red carpet. Well, she actually does look gorgeous whatever it is she is wearing. She can wear a potato sack and still look gorgeous. There are just some lucky ladies like her who can “carry” anything they wear. Are we jealous? Of course we are but we don’t hate this kind of girls. Hehe.

lisa rinna leopard print dress

And here’s Rihanna also at some red carpet event.

leopard print dresses on rihanna

Leopard Print Dresses on Famous Celebrities posted 2 June 2010. Updated 27 March 2017.

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