Keegan Allen Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Dating?

Keegan Allen Gay or Straight? There’s an upcoming movie that our friend Kevin is looking forward to watching. It’s called King Cobra. It stars Garrett Clayton, James Franco, and Keegan Allen.

This, fellow Famewatchers, is Keegan Allen. Ain’t he hawt?

keegan allen gay or straight - as harlow cuadra2

The movie, which headlined the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, is getting positive reviews. Nigel Smith of The Guardian gave it four stars out of five.

The Indiewire loves it too and calls it “a sensitive and darkly hilarious true crime story that works from top to bottom”.

Of course, since this post is about Keegan, we wondered what reviewers are saying about him on King Cobra. Well, he is getting good reviews too.

From Indiewire: “Franco has played gay almost as often as he’s played straight, so ubiquitous that all of his performances have come to feel equidistant from his true self. He’s seldom been goofier or more tender than he is here. Allen is just as strong, his body rippling with a raw potential for violence. The energy between the two of them is sweet one moment, explosively unstable the next, and compulsively watchable throughout. “It’s so romantic that you would rather kill me than lose me to someone else,” the hulking Harlow says to his “daddy,” the ill-fated couple communicating through the mutual possessiveness of two people who are scared of losing their only source of self-worth.”

James Franco and Keegan Allen share a bed.

keegan allen gay with james franco king cobra

We know James Franco is straight but what about his onscreen partner, is Keegan Allen gay or straight in real life? He is straight. And he is dating a girl named Chuck Grant, a professional photographer. Here’s a photo of the two:

keegan allen girlfriend - chuck grant

It is not clear whether Keegan and Chuck are still dating but he attended the launching of JDate, a Jewish dating network, and had this to say about online dating in general (via

I don’t want to sound at all arrogant, but it’s tough for me to date online, because I have to go by an alias or something. And then when somebody finds out, it can turn into almost an interview itself.

keegan allen shirtless

And here’s what he says about JDate in particular: “I think it’s a safe place for everybody to come together within the community and meet people of like minds and similar interests and morals and values rooted in their culture, which is very important to me. It’s exciting, it’s a little bit scary, but all new things are scary.”

Via Wetpaint, he also tells us what he is looking for in a woman: “Obviously there needs to be, first and foremost, an attraction between both parties involved. But after that attraction, I like women who are very driven, and have passions, and follow their passions, and are great at something. That’s something I definitely look for in a partner, in relationships.”

So there you have it, fellow Famewatchers. You now know the answers to your “is keegan allen gay” question, whether he is dating anyone, and what he is looking for in a girl.

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Let’s end this post with a shirtless Keegan Allen photo :-)

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