Josh Hartnett Shirtless, Underwear, and Modeling Photos

Josh Hartnett Shirtless, Underwear, and Modeling Photos (first posted 8 August 2009). Whatever happened to movie actor Josh Hartnett? He’s one of the hottest actors in the 1990s but we hardly hear anything about him now. Too bad because we have a crush on this guy. We fell in love with him in that Pearl Harbor movie. Anyways, here’s a shirtless Josh lying in bed. Ain’t he hot? What would you give to lie there beside him?

josh hartnett shirtless in bed

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Young Josh Hartnett Shirtless Update. Shirtless photos of the Hollywood actor when he was younger.

josh hartnett shirtless body

He looks so young and innocent.

young josh hartnett shirtless

He ain’t shirtless in the next photo but he sure is gorgeous as hell.

josh hartnett hot

Josh Hartnett Underwear Preference: Boxers or Briefs? In an interview, Josh mentioned that he is more of a freeballer but here are some photos of him in boxers underwear.

josh hartnett underwear

Another one.

josh hartnett underwear boxer shorts

Here’s a peekabo underwear photo.

josh hartnett underwear peekabo

Finally, another young Josh Hartnett shirtless photo where he’s wearing a pair of low-rise jeans.

josh hartnett underwear3josh hartnett underwear3

Is Josh Hartnett Resurrecting His Career? (29 June 2011). After disappearing for the past few years, it looks like our Josh has decided to resurrect his career in 2011. According to his IMDB profile, Josh is starring in four upcoming movies namely: Girl Walks Into a Bar (a comedy drama), Stuck Between Stations (a romance drama), Singularity (an action adventure), and Dark Star Hollow (a horror movie still in pre-production).

These movies should tell us that Josh is back, right? We are looking forward to watching these films especially Singularity where Josh plays the lead role as Captain James Stewart. Josh talked about Singularity in an interview with Stephan Lee of

Here’s what he said about the film: “I’m working on Singularity right now, here in India. It’s an epic film taking place in two different time periods — the 1700′s, where I play a Scottish captain in Bombay, and the other is in 2010, where I play a guy who finds a ring that dates back to the 18th century — and the stories intertwine in a beautiful way. The locations and the way it looks is absolutely spectacular — I’ve never seen anything like it. After this, there are a couple of things I might do: A little movie in New York, which I like to do, and then there’s a big ol’ thing in Hollywood, which I can’t really talk about yet. I’ve just been getting reinvigorated creatively, lately, which is nice.”

He’s also in an indie film called Bunraku where he plays a mysterious drifter. He says: “I have a project coming out called Bunraku. I’m always trying to find something unique or a project that I can do something unique in. When the director has a vision for a piece that I’ve never heard before, and they can back that up with visuals and they talk a good game, I get really interested in the world that they’re trying to create.”

He tells us more about Bunraku: “So Bunraku is quite a bizarre film. It has Woody Harrelson in it, and Kevin McKidd, Ron Perlman, Demi Moore, and Gackt Camui, a Japanese musician-megastar-slash-actor. It’s kind of a mix between the old Kurasawa samurai films, a bit of Sergio Leone westerns, some French new wave, in the form of Jean-Pierre Melville. It’s also set in this world where there are no guns, and the sets look like they’re made of papier machet or something, like folded up paper in a pop-up book. I get to do a lot of mixed martial arts, which I’ve never done before.”

Meanwhile, according to wikipedia, our Josh could also star in two movies: Tomorrow and City of Man. We say “could” because these two films are still “in development” so we don’t really know whether they will be “developed”. We hope they do get developed.

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