Daniel Macpherson Speedo and Shirtless Photos: Aussie Actor and Triathlete

Daniel Macpherson Speedo and Shirtless Photos: Aussie Actor and Triathlete (first posted 4 August 2009). Daniel MacPherson is an Australian actor, television host, and tri-athlete which explains his obvious love for Speedos. According to wikipedia, Daniel competes in the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) and Ironman and “currently holds the 8th Fastest outdoor swim time in the world”.

daniel macpherson shirtless

Daniel is also the host of the Australian version of Dancing With the Stars which gives us hope that he will kinda follow DWTS contestant Gilles Marini and, like Gilles, come up with a calendar featuring his Speedo photos or something. What about that for a future project, eh Daniel?

You Want More Daniel Macpherson Awesomeness? Of course all of us want some more Daniel Macpherson awesomeness, don’t we? So we decided to update this post go give you more of this Australian hunk of a man. The video above shows some delightful scenes of Daniel in his body-hugging boxers underwear. According to the person who uploaded the vid on Youtube, the scenes are from a) a TV police drama called The Bill and b) Neighbours.

We particularly like the latter part of the vid above because it reminds us of the time he, along with Will Mellor and Scott Wright, stripteased their way to the heart of the fans. You can watch the video in our post on Will Mellor’s Underwear.

Now it’s time for some Daniel Macpherson Speedo photos. Luckily, we’ve got lots of such photos because as we mentioned before, our Daniel is a sporty dude who’s into triathlon and such kind of stuff.

Hello there, Speedo buddies!

daniel macpherson speedo swimsuit2

These guys must have won something but we don’t know what it is.

daniel macpherson speedo swimsuit3

Of course, Daniel and his pal look good from the back too. Hehe.

daniel macpherson speedo swimsuit33

Here’s our favorite photo of Daniel wearing a Speedo swimsuit. Want more men in Speedos?

daniel macpherson speedo swimsuit

From swimwear, let’s move on to Daniel’s undies. Apparently, he wears boxers rather than briefs. Or rather he’s wearing Calvin Klein boxer briefs in the photo below.

daniel macpherson underwear - calvin klein boxer briefs

Daniel looking thoughtful and sexy in the shirtless photo below. It’s our favorite photo of the guy.

daniel macpherson shirtless

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