Joseph Gordon Levitt Underwear: Boxers and Briefs

Joseph Gordon Levitt Shirtless, Underwear, Awards Update. Unfortunately, we had to delete photo of JGL wearing women’s underoos which we mentioned below but here’s the actor in his white briefs underwear which we screencapped from the 2010 movie Hesher.

Joseph Gordon Levitt underwear in hesher2

Joseph Gordon Levitt underwear in hesher

And here are some shirtless images of our JGL capped from his other movies and from an episode of Saturday Night Live where he danced a-la Magic Mike with the SNL crew.

Joseph Gordon Levitt shirtless in magic mike comedy

Joseph Gordon Levitt shirtless in project power

Joseph Gordon Levitt shirtless

We should note in this update that Levitt has won himself a Primetime Emmy in 2020 for producing the TV show Create Together which won the Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Programming. He’s also received acting awards from the Screen Actors Guild, Austin Film Critics Association, Black Film Critics Award, Burbank International Children’s Film Festival, CinemaCon USA, Family Television Awards, Gold Derby Awards, Hollywood Film Awards, Nevada Film Critics Society, Oklahoma Film Critics Circle Awards, Seattle International Film Festival, and the YoungStar Awards.

Joseph Gordon Levitt emmy awards

By the by, did you know that Levitt is a married man? He got hitched in December 2014 with Tasha McCauley who, per wikipedia, is the founder and CEO of technology company Fellow Robots. The couple have two children.

Joseph Gordon Levitt wife Tasha McCauley

Joseph Gordon Levitt Underwear 2017 Update (26 March 2017). Hehe. Why is he wearing women’s style undies? And here’s JGL showing Harvard students his black briefs underwear.

joseph gordon levitt underwear briefs in harvard

Joseph Gordon Levitt Gay or Straight? He is straight but check him out gay-kissin’ James Corden. Nice!

joseph gordon levitt gay

And check him out being huggy huggy with Tom Hardy. Actually, this turned out to be photoshop. We initially thought it’s real but Kevin, who knows more about manipulated images than we ever will, says it is actually photoshopped.

Joseph Gordon Levitt gay or straight - with tom hardy

Joseph Gordon Levitt Underwear Update (01 March 2012): Now, before we go thinking that our Joseph is only into tighty whities, here’s a picture of the talented Inception actor in a pair of plaid boxer shorts.

joseph gordon levitt underwear boxer shorts

Is that Kate Winslet in the tub? Looks like her but we ain’t 100% sure. Whoever she is, she should drag down Gordon to that tub with her. What a missed opportunity to get wet with one of today’s celebrated young actors. Hehe.

By the way, for those of you who are wondering JGL is up to these days, we just read on IMDB that he’s got like five movies slated for release in 2012. Boy, isn’t he a very very very busy man. For those looking forward to seeing him in your theaters, here are the movies you should watch out for: The Dark Knight Rises, Premium Rush, Looper, Lincoln, and Django Unchained.

We’re looking most forward to seeing Lincoln (JGL plays Abe’s son, Robert Todd Lincoln) not only because of JGL but also because Lincoln is our ultimate hero and because the movie is to be directed by Joseph Spielberg.

Oh wait, we’re supposed to be talking about JGL’s undies instead of his movies, aren’t we? Hehehe. Let’s hope that he’ll have some underwear scenes in the new movies we mentioned above so we’ll have something to add to the JGL underwear collection we have published in this post. Can you imagine him wearing a civil war era underwear? Hehehe.

Joseph Gordon Levitt Underwear: Boxers and Briefs (posted 22 February 2011). We saw him “romancing the rod” in his Burberry Prorsum suit as well as his Dior Homme Winter Coat [see Gordon Levitt Fashion Style]. We also saw his fabulous Inception leather jacket. Now, let’s check out Joseph Gordon-Levitt in his tighty whitie underwear.

The pic is from the indie movie about a loner named Hesher who, according to IMDB, “hates the world and everything in it”. Check out the trailer below. The movie co-stars current Hollywood “It Girl” Natalie Portman.

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