Jaboukie Young White Shirtless, Underwear, Boyfriend

Jaboukie Young White Shirtless, Underwear, Boyfriend. Daily Show correspondent Jaboukie Young-White may be the embodiment of an attention-seeking millenial on social media but we gotta give him credit for having some abs. Haha.

Well, strictly speaking, every person has abs but Jaboukie’s abs are kinda somewhat defined in the photo below. It’s not a six pack, that’s for sure, but there is some definition there and not doughy like the “abs” of yours truly’s hubby.

Jaboukie Young-White abs

Anyhoo, here are more shirtless photos of Jaboukie for the Jaboukie fans out there like our friend Kevin.

Jaboukie Young-White body - guys with iphones -

What’s that fruit he is holding? [Update: According to our friend Diego who comes from the Brazil, the fruit is called jackfruit.]

Jaboukie Young-White shirtless

For fans of Jaboukie who want a glimpse of his underoos. Looks like the pic below is from a Pride march.

Jaboukie Young-White underwear - the daily show - pride week

Check him out in a Borat mankini in this image screencapped from the 2017 movie Rough Night.

Jaboukie Young-White mankini underwear

Jaboukie Young-White Gay or Straight? He came out as queer when he guested on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Apparently, his parent’s did not know that he is a member of the LGBT community so they found out about his being a friend of Dorothy at the same time as the public did, i.e., during his appearance on the Tonight Show. Hmmm, you sure his mom didn’t have an inkling?

What’s the comic’s relationship status? Is he single or married? Does he have a boyfriend? Seems like he is single at this time but it is also possible that he is simply keeping it private. Anyhoo, we will update this post in the future once we find out more about his relationship status.

Jaboukie Young White Ethnic Background. He is Jamaican and is part-Cuban, part-Jamaican, part-Irish, and part-Chinese. He shared in a tweet that British colonizers took his great grandfather from China to be an indentured servant in the West Indies. Apparently, this is a practice that was common back in the day which is why there are lots of Jamaicans who are part Chinese.

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