Is Lee Rodriguez Gay or Lesbian in Real Life?

Is Lee Rodriguez Gay or Lesbian in Real Life? If you watched Mindy Kaling’s Never Have I Ever — we strongly recommend that you do — you’d know that one of the story arcs on the show is Fabiola’s growing realization that she is actually into girls. Now, it was easy for her to come out to her friends but, understandably, it was more of a challenge for her to do the same with her family.

Fabiola, who is played by Lee Rodriguez, is a sweet character. And we’d like to see more of her in the second season (there is no doubt in our mind that it is getting one). Will she and the hot girl she’s eyeing — Eve played by Christina Kartchner — become an item? We sure hope so because they really look good together.

lee rodriguez gay fabiola in never have i ever

It would be an injustice if the two do not, at the very least, date. In fact, we are ready to charge the barricades if the writers of the show do not make it happen. We are joking, of course, but then again…. please don’t disappoint us, writers.

Here’s a pic of Lee and Christina we grabbed from the former’s Instagram page (follow her @leerodriguezz).

lee rodriguez gay or lesbian - with ever of never have i ever

Now, as it happens, we know that some of you are curious on whether Lee Rodriquez or the actress who plays Fabiola is gay or a lesbian in real life? Is she a friend of Ellen? If she is, does she have a girlfriend? If she is not, does  she have a boyfriend?

The answer: She is straight. We do not know if she has a boyfriend at the moment but, during a Q&A with fans on, we find out that she once dated a guy named Jermaine. We also learn that she is in a relationship, at least at the time of the Q&A in 2019, with a guy named Hector Sandoval.

When asked by a fan what she likes about Hector, here is Lee’s response: “theres a lot of reason why I like him… he’s just so perfect. he’s sweet and always smells good cx .. he makes me laugh. he has the most perfect smile. he’s really attractive ((; just every little thing he does makes me happy c: and I wanna be with him for a long time so yah that’s why.”

Awwww. How sweet is that. Now, here’s a question for you Famewatchers: Could the Hector guy be MMA fighter Hector Sandoval? They’d be a power couple if he is the guy, no? That is if they are still in a relationship.

lee rodriguez hector sandoval boyfriend

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