Ian Somerhalder Jacket and Jeans Fashion Watch: Dolce Gabbana

Ian Somerhalder Jacket and Jeans Fashion Watch: Dolce Gabbana. We’ve seen Ian Somerhalder’s leather jacket by Simon Spurr. We’ve also seen his Diesel Loslo leather jacket. Now, check out this pair of Dolce and Gabbana pants he’s wearing for a magazine photo-shoot for Vanity Fair-Italy. Do you like his ensemble?

ian somerhalder jacket and jeans fashion dolce gabbana

Is he rocking the look as well as this male runway model? Of course he does. After all, he is a celebrity and he’s dressed for a photoshoot so there should be a stylist helping him to look his best, no?

ian somerhalder vanity fair

Want more famous male celebrities wearing Dolce and Gabbana? But let’s first check out the rest of Ian’s Vanity Fair-Italy photoshoot to see what he’s wearing, shall we? Since this is from an Italian photoshoot, it’s fair to say that our Ian has gone for the Italian menswear fashion style. Here’s The Vampire Diaries hunk looking cool in his red cardigan by Diesel.

ian somerhalder jacket cardigan by diesel

And here’s our Ian hiding behind some leafless tree wearing a bomber leather jacket by Blauer. Blauer? Why in heaven’s name haven’t we heard of a fashion label called Blauer? Is it from Germany?

ian somerhalder jacket bomber leather by blauer

Nope it’s not from Germany. Turns out that Blauer isn’t really in the fashion business as it is more focused on manufacturing outfits for U.S. soldiers and other men in uniform. Apparently, it makes pretty cool clothes because it’s got some celebrity fans. Watch out for a future post about celebrities wearing Blauer.

Meanwhile, check out Ian looking cool in a John Galliano coat and a plaid shirt from Levis Jeans by David Thomas for Kasil.

ian somerhalder coat jacket john galliano

Next up is Ian looking up to the heavens while wearing a jacket and shirt by Seventy Jeans.

ian somerhalder jacket 70 jeans

Last but not the least in our Ian Somerhalder coat/jacket collection is this lovely pic of our American hunk in a coat by Beretta.

ian somerhalder jacket coat by beretta

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