Beau Breedlove Speedo, Model, Husband Update

Beau Breedlove Speedo, Model, Husband Update. Whatever happened to Beau Breedlove? After some internet sleuthing, we found out that he did some modeling (focused on fitness and physique) and that he is now very much married.

The Willamette Week reported that Beau and his future husband filed for a marriage application sometime in December 2013 and adds that Beau is running a French restaurant called Vie in South Waterfront. However, Oregon Live reports that he closed the restaurant the following year to pursue other projects.

For those of you wondering Beau’s husband is a guy named Gregory Michael Shaw. Here’s a photo of the very happy couple smoking cigars while enjoying their time together. We grabbed the pic from Beau’s Instagram account which you might want to follow @beaubreedlove.

beau breedlove husband michael shaw

Did we say our Beau is doing some modeling? Yes we did! Here are some photos from his Model Mayhem account.

beau breedlove male model

Watchu lookin’ at, Beau?

beau breedlove shirtless body model

Wowza! He’s sculpted like a Greek god!

beau breedlove shirtless fitness and physique model

Beau Breedlove: Speedo Hunk of the Day (22 January 2009). Beau Breedlove, reportedly the lover of Portland Mayor Sam Adams is our hottie of the day. He’s hot, no? And he’s got a nice looking head too. He’s one of those lucky guys who would look good even if they are bald.

beau breedlove shirtless

Beau lookin’ good in his Speedo swimsuit.

beau breedlove speedo

Beau Breedlove Unzipped (20 February 2009). Remember Beau Breedlove? He is reportedly going to have his n*ked pics taken for Unzipped Magazine. Here’s some photos [via Towleroad] from when they photographed him au naturale. Update: Here’s a cover photo of our Beau on said mag.

beau breedlove unzipped

Beau to Write a Memoir (19 January 2010). Hah. Beau is reportedly going to write a memoir about his relationship with the Oregon mayor.

Here’s what he told The Oregonian via email: “The book is a reflection on the events of my life before, during and after the ‘scandal’ surrounding my relationship with Sam Adams. In addition, the book will cover a broader look at people who have been in similar situations to mine, and how stereotypes both play into the media attention as well as are used as tools against victims. This book is a memoir, and an insight into the change that the GLBTQ community needs to see in the way we are portrayed and represented.”

Ain’t he too young to be writing a memoir?

Beau Breedlove Speedo, Model, Husband Update. First posted 22 January 2009. Last updated: February 20, 2020 at 5:42 am.