Highest Paid Football Player: Eli Manning and David Beckham

Highest Paid Football Player: Eli Manning and David Beckham. After signing a very lucrative contract with the NY Giants, Eli Manning is now considered as the highest paid footballer (the American version). However, he has some catching up to do with David Beckham, the other highest paid footballer (the soccer version), who’s making £30.1 million a year including endorsements. That’s pounds, baby, pounds.

highest paid football player

Anyways, here’s an NBC report on Eli Manning’s contract with the New York Giants:

The Giants and their quarterback have agreed to a contract extension that will make Eli the highest paid quarterback, per year, in the history of the NFL. The six-year, $97.5 million contract will pay him $15.3 million a season, a million or so more than his brother will earn per season.

So Eli’s got tons and tons of money to buy himself some tons and tons of shirts so he won’t go shirtless anymore, eh?

Check out other shirtless quarterbacks/footballers: Brady Quinn, Tim Tebow, Matthew Stafford, Mark Sanchez, and Nate Montana.

Who of these guys look the hottest without their shirts?


Highest Paid Football Player (Soccer): David Beckham!
31 March 2009

Look who tops the list of the world’s highest paid football players? According to France Football magazine, it’s David Beckham. We’re not surprised really. Last year, David made £30.1m from salaries and endorsements.

1. David Beckham (Milan): £30.1m
2. Lionel Messi (Barcelona): £26.6m
3. Ronaldinho (Milan): £18.2m
4. Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United): £17.02m
5. Thierry Henry (Barcelona): £15.82m
6. Kaka (Milan): £13.07m
7. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Inter): £13.03
8. Wayne Rooney (Manchester United): £12.56
9. Frank Lampard (Chelsea): £12.10
10. John Terry (Chelsea): £10.89


Most Valuable Football Team: Manchester United
24 July 2010

most valuable football team

Not unexpectedly, Manchester United tops the list of the most valuable football (soccer) teams in 2010. Owned by the Glazer family, Manchester United is worth US$1.83 billion according to Forbes Magazine. The team’s revenue for the 2008-2009 season is placed at $459 million.

Here’s the list of the most valuable football teams according to Forbes Magazine.

1. Manchester United: $1,835 Million
2. Real Madrid: $1,323 Million
3. Arsenal: $1,181 Million
4. Barcelona: $1,000 Million
5. Bayern Munich: $990 Million
6. Liverpool: $822 Million
7. AC Milan: $800 Million
8. Juventus: $656 Million
9. Chelsea: $646 Million
10. Internazionale Milan: $413 Million
11. Schalke 04: $384 Million
12. Tottenham Hotspur: $372 Million
13. Olympique Lyonnais: $333 Million
14. Hamburg SV: $329 Million
15. AS Roma: $308 Million
16. Werder Bremen: $274 Million
17. Olympique Marseille: $262 Million
18. Borussia Dortmund: $261 Million
19. Manchester City: $258 Million
20. Newcastle United: $198 Million

Highest Paid Football Player: Eli Manning and David Beckham. Posted 6 August 2009.