Brad and Angelina Family Photos: Portraits of a Hollywood Family

Brad and Angelina Family Photos: Portraits of a Hollywood Family. Wow. What a great picture. It’s one big happy family, I must say. Angie looks so motherly in this photo which definitely adds to her appeal. Brad looks like a great daddy too. The kids? They’re adorable. But where’s the older boy?

brad and angelina family photos


Brangelina Twins Photo Watch: Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon (posted 02 August 2008). People Magazine reportedly snagged the rights to publish Brad and Angelina’s new born twins, Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon. Like everyone else, we sure are going to get a copy of People when it becomes available on Monday.

Now, is it me or are the twin’s names a bit hard to pronounce? Seems like you have to do some tongue twisting to say Vivienne Marcheline or Knox Leon. Brad and Angie should have picked easier names. Just saying.

brad and angelina family

Finally, we now have the photos of the Brangelina twins. All I can say is wow, wow, wow. I’m speechless. These really are great photos. They’re all so adorable [especially Brad, hehe]. The twins got Angelina’s famous lips.

brad and angelina family portrait

brad and angelina family newborn twins

Angelina Jolie’s Breastfeeding Statue by Daniel Edwards (posted 07 August 2009). Props to Angelina Jolie for supporting not only breastfeeding but breastfeeding in public. We wonder what that old jealous hag Chelsea Handler will say about this.

angelina jolie breastfeeding statue

Anyways, the above statue by Daniel Edwards was made in honor of World Breastfeeding Week and will be unveiled in Oklahoma sometime in September.

Says Sandy Wilson of Phantom-Financial, the organization behind the statue: “We believe the statue sends a beautiful message by promoting the acceptance of public breastfeeding. Mothers should be encouraged to nurture their babies anywhere.”

Oh, here’s the photo of Angie breastfeeding her twins which reportedly inspired the sculptor.

angelina jolie breast feeding

10 August 2009: Here’s another and more interesting photo of the Angelina Jolie sculpture where she’s breastfeeding her twins. We’re with those who are hoping that this will help promote breastfeeding among mothers as mother’s milk is the baby’s main defense against parasites.

angelina jolie breast feeding sculpture

Brad and Angelina Family Photos: Portraits of a Hollywood Family. Posted 4 August 2008.