Henry Zaga Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Henry Zaga Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Does Brazil have the hottest guys in the world or what? We’re not sure if someone ever made a study about it but we’d not be surprised if it does. After all, it’s the country where a lot of male models (and their fairer counterpart) come from. And, oh, it gave us our 2020 crush in the person of JP Gadelha of the Circle Brazil.

Anyhoo, let us introduce you to our next Brazilian hottie. His name is Henry Zaga and he will be starring as Nick Andros in the upcoming TV adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand which starts streaming on CBS All Access on 17 December.

To date, the actor has 13 acting credits to his name on IMDB the most prominent of which would be The New Mutants where he played the role of Roberto da Costa. This Marvel superhero movie could have been a starmaking turn for our Brazilian hunk but it fell victim to the COVID pandemic. It was released in August this year or at a time when a lot of cinemas are closed and when people are simply not going to the movies for fear of catching the virus.

It didn’t help that the movie turned out to be bad to as it currently has a 33% rotten score on Rotten Tomatoes.

But enough about the ill-fated Mutants movie. Instead, let’s check out Henry’s gorgeousness, shall we? A hot man and his dog.

henry zaga body hunk


henry zaga underwear - boxer shorts

henry zaga shirtless brazilian hottie

henry zaga speedo swimsuit

Henry in his boxer briefs underwear. If we are not mistaken, and there’s a good chance we are, this one’s from The New Mutants when he acquires his superpower.

henry zaga underwear boxer briefs


henry zaga shirtless body

Still hawt.

henry zaga body

Not shirtless but just as hawt.

henry zaga hot brazilian hunk

Henry Zaga Gay or Straight, Girlfriend or Boyfriend? He played a gay man on the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why but we do not know if he is a friend of Dorothy in real life. It’s likely he’s not because it’s been rumored that he dated or is dating actress Alice Braga who also starred on The New Mutants (as Dr. Cecilia Reyes) and who also comes from Brazil.

Chilling with a pal:

henry zaga gay boyfriend 13 reasons why

Henry with Alice Braga who may or may not be his girlfriend:

henry zaga girlfriend alice braga

Looking hawt!

henry zaga gay or straight

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