Greek Male Underwear Model: Marios Lekkas, Athenian Hunk

Greek Male Underwear Model: Marios Lekkas, Athenian Hunk. Famewatchers, meet Marios Lekkas, a Greek hunky model who must be a descendant of the Greek god Adonis aka the Handsome God of Desire and Manly Good Looks.

This Athenian model began his modeling career relatively late at 23 years old but despite this “age” disadvantage he was able to establish himself in the industry. In fact, in the past six years, he was named as the phase of three fragrance campaigns namely Bylgari, Max Factor, and Ungaro Man.

Greek Male Underwear Model Marios Lekkas

Most recently at the Milan Fashion Week our Greek hunk walked the runway for Frankie Morello, Gazzarini, Giorgio Armani and Versace. More underwear modeling photos of Marios Lekkas below for those of you looking for Greek male underwear model.

Men in Shorts: Marios Lekkas, Greek Male Model
19 April 2009

Want more photos of the Greek God that is male underwear model Marios Lekkas? Of course you do. Here’s Marios ruling the runway from a recent fashion show. Nice yellow shoes? Nah, not really. But we like his very yellow shorts.

Marios Lekkas greek male model 03

Greek male underwear model Marios Lekkas with a friend! What is this image suppose to tell us? A “modern” version of the Adam and Eve biting the apple story? If so, who between these two guys is the Adam and the Eve?

Marios Lekkas greek male model 09

Don’t you just envy male models who look cool in anything they wear?

Men’s Swimming Trunks: Greek Model Marios Lekkas in Tight Swimsuits
19 April 2009

Marios Lekkas greek male model in shorts bubble butt

Look who’s got a really nice behind. It’s Greek model Marios Lekkas. He looks great in them short shorts too, doesn’t he? Did we say he must be related to that Greek god, Adonis? Yeah, we did but it’s good to say it again, no?

greek male underwear model marios lekkas

Wow! He sure looks good in his short shorts! Want more hot Greek men as underwear models?

greek male underwear model marios lekkas

Of course Marios isn’t only about shorts and swimtrunks and tight men’s underwear. He rocks his men’s suit too, doesn’t he? Here’s Marios as a suave guy in suit. Does he remind you of James Bond?

marios lekkas suit suave

Marios goes dirty (but still sexy and shaggable) for British designer John Galliano. Sure he looks a little dirty but we still wouldn’t mind shacking up with this guy.

marios lekkas john galliano

Another runway modeling photo for Marios Lekkas.

And back by popular demand, Marios in his teeny weeny tight bikini underwear.

greek male underwear model marios lekkas briefs

Greek Male Underwear Model: Marios Lekkas, Athenian Hunk. Posted 18 August 2009. Updated 20 May 2017.