Gay Male Athlete in Speedo: Jack Mackenroth, Swimmer

Gay Male Athlete in Speedo: Jack Mackenroth, Swimmer. If you are like our good friend Deena, you would be going, “Are there any hot gay male athletes out there?” Well, I guess we all know the answer to that. There are hot gay athletes but they prefer to stay in the closet. Can’t say we blame them considering how homophobic the world of sports can be.

gay male athlete in speedo jack mackenroth

Having said that, here’s a male athlete, Jack Mackenroth, who’s proudly out of the closet. He’s won everal medals during the recent Outgames. Another photo of him Jack in his sexy swimtrunks. Damn, what sexy abs.

Jack is also a fashion designer who participated in the Project Runway reality show. We will talk about that in a future post we are preparing. In the meantime, check out these other men in Speedos.

UPDATE: Let’s have more Speedo photos of this gorgeous gay hunk, shall we? What do you think of this one where he’s wearing the Speedo LZR suit?

gay male athlete in speedo jack mackenroth

Atrocious eh? We honestly don’t like the LZR swimsuit. Whoever invented this and whoever approved them to be used in competitive swimming such as the Olympics should be made to wear nothing but this ridiculous suit till the end of their lives. Haha.

Thankfully, we read somewhere that the IOC once again banned the Speedo LZR swimsuit in future competitions. They should go further and erase the swimming records set by athletes who’s record-breaking times were aided by these high tech suits.

Gay Male Athlete in Speedo Update. Oops, we should have included the following in our original post above. But it is better late than never, right? Olympic diving champ Greg Louganis leads the list when it comes to gay athletes in Speedos.

gay male athlete in speedo greg louganis

In recent times, probably the most famous gay Olympian is British diver Tom Daley.

gay male athlete in speedo tom daley

Last but not the least in our list of gay male athlete in Speedo is Australian diver Matthew Mitcham.

gay male athlete in speedo - matthew mitcham

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