Freddie Hickman Shirtless Photos: Made in Chelsea Hunk

Freddie Hickman Shirtless Photos: Made in Chelsea Hunk. If you are Freddie Hickman, would you be angry at Dave Miffy Mifsud for stealing everyone’s thunder? Or would you be happy that Miffy’s controversial tweets has made a worldwide buzz for the Made in Chelsea show that you are now a part of? After all, more potential viewers means more potential fans, right?

freddie hickman shirtless - made in chelsea

Who is Freddie Hickman and who is Dave Miffy? For non-Brits and non-Made in Chelsea fans, here’s an intro on Hickman:

Freddie has just finished his final year at Newcastle University. Only child Freddie is Swedish and moved over to England at 14 to go to Cranleigh School. His mother used to be a successful Burberry and Louis Vuitton model and his Dad is in the hotel business. Freddie is on the look out for a girlfriend and has known Lucy from school and has fancied her for the last five years. But will his friendships with best girls Belle and Tiff, whom he even invites on ‘lads’ only nights, get in the way.

As for Mifsud, we did an earlier post on him which you should check out: Dave Mifsud Shirtless Photos.

Like other millenials, Freddie has been posting photos of himself on the internets. Let’s check them out, shall we? First up is this photo which made us go, “Hmmmm. Isn’t that Justin Bieber?”

freddie hickman looks like justin bieber

Is this Freddie’s girlfriend? Oh wait, his E4 profile above states that he does not have a girlfriend. Maybe a relative, or an ex, or just a friend.

freddie hickman girlfriend or relative or just friend

Question: Should he shave his mustache or should he keep it?

freddie hickman shirtless - muscle hunk

Apparently, our Freddie loves to work out at the gym.

Mr. Olympia? Mr. Universe? Or is there a Mr. Chelsea bodybuilding contest this guy should join?

freddie hickman bodybuilder

This is so gay, Freddie Hickman’s boyfriend or just a friend?

freddie hickman boyfriend

One of those photos that make us go, “Hmmmmmm”. Freddie in his Calvin Klein underwear.

freddie hickman underwear

Who’s got the better more defined washboard abs, Freddie or Miffy? That’s it for now fellow Famewatchers!

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