Energie Underwear for Men: Kris Kranz, Hot Male Model

Energie Underwear for Men: Kris Kranz, Hot Male Model. Watch out, people. Don’t mess with this male underwear model. The guy sure can kick your sorry bum. Maybe he should pair up with tennis star Jo-Wilfried Tsonga who, as you probably already know, is also into kickboxing.

energie underwear for men kris kranz

Anyhoo, if you’ve been reading our earlier posts, we’re sure you already know Tyler Bachtel because we already blogged about him.

energie underwear for men boxer shorts

Anyhoo, here’s a question for you Famewatchers: Between Tyler and Tsonga, who do you think will win if we put them inside the ring to out-kickbox each other? Sorry Tyler, you’re the cuter one but we’re betting our money on Jo-Wilfried. Admittedly, our choice is influenced by the fact that Tsonga is an athlete for realz.

energie underwear for men briefs

However, Tyler looks more awesome in his underwear. Those are great washboard abs! Hehe.

Mistaken Identity Update: Argh! How silly and clueless are we? Turns out that this hot handsome guy is not Tyler Bachtel but Kris Kranz. We apologize to both Kris and Tyler for our mistaken identity crisis. Sorry, sorry, and sorry again.

Anyhoo, Kris is a model who comes from Bloomington, Minnesota in the United States. He started modeling when he was 19 years old and, like Tyler Bachtel whom we mistook him for, looks good in his undies (don’t they all?).

Here’s Kris in his Polo Ralph Laurens. Orange square cut trunks? Isn’t that cool? Now, if he’s older, he could have joined David Haselhoff’s Baywatch television show, no? We think he’d be at home running around the beach with those Baywatch hunky lifeguards and their orange swimsuits. [Update: Sorry, we had to delete some of the photos.]

Now this is what we call a body-fit long-johns.

kris kranz long johns

Of course, like other male models, Kris isn’t all about men’s underwear. Looks like our Kris likes him his Barack.

Aww, how cute. The last photo gives us a reason to not only like Kris Kranz but to love him as well. As you very well know, we here at Famewatcher loves us our Barack too.

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