Dixie Chicks Fashion Style: Country Chic!

Dixie Chicks Fashion Style: Country Chic to Red Carpet. Remember the Dixie Chicks? They’re not as popular now as they used to be but as the stupid George W. Bush leaves office, it’s good to remember the bravery of the group when everyone else were cowardly and ass-kissing W.

This writer expresses my admiration and fond feelings for these girls:

But the Dixie Chicks stood up when others sat down. They didn’t slink away from their duty, like Colin Powell did at the time. They did what was right when it cost them the most.

So, as W exits office and leaves behind him a wake of Biblically-sized problems, let us appreciate the Dixie Chicks as the icons of the age. They remained faithful to their country and reminded us that love of country demands that we uphold our own values, even while other people are yelling at us for it. They paid a price for keeping the faith, having faced death threats and continued bile, along with losing huge chunks of their fan base.

They’ve been out of the spotlight for a few years now, but I hope they find their musical voice again. It would be a shame for them to be yet another casualty of the Bush II Era.

Read the whole article here. It is a must read.

Still here? Well, maybe you’re more into the Dixie Chicks fashion style then rather than political discourse? Then you are in the right place. But before we talk about the girlband’s country chic fashion style, let’s give something to those googling “Dixie Chicks naked pics”.

dixie chicks naked

Hehe. We’re not sure if that’s the kind of picture you’re looking for but the Chicks are nekkid, aren’t they? Okay, back to fashion. Here’s the girls looking fabulous in their black red carpet dresses. In formal events, you can never go wrong wearing a black dress. Hmmm, there’s an exception of course: weddings. Do NOT wear a black dress to a wedding ever, ever, ever. Unless you are attending the wedding of one from the Addams Family or emo people.

dixie chicks fashion black dress

dixie chicks fashion red carpet

The Dixie Chicks also look good in bright colored outfits, no?

dixie chicks fashion color dress

But we’re liking their shiny outfits below compared to the previous ones. We gotta give props to these girls coz they always are color-coordinated.

Country chic fashion always includes your basic blue jeans and white t-shirt. This style never grows old. Your daughter’s granddaughters will still be wearing them in the future.

dixie chicks fashion jeans and shirt

Denim jackets are ageless too.

dixie chicks fashion denim jacket

As well as classic all white outfits.

dixie chicks fashion all white

Of course, you can’t have a country chic wardrobe that does not include cowgirl outfits, right?

dixie chicks fashion cowgirls

And comfortable rubber shoes too.

Who says country girls can’t wear Christian Louboutin shoes?

dixie chicks fashion louboutin shoes

In ending this post, let’s check out this Vanity Fair (?) magazine photo of our girls.

dixie chicks fashion vanity fair

What are they wearing, you ask? Well Martie Maguire is wearing a Robert Best dress, Natalie Maines is in Carolina Herrera, while Emily Robison is dressed in Calvin Kleins.

Dixie Chicks Fashion Style: Country Chic to Red Carpet Dreses. Published 16 January 2009. Updated 24 May 2017.