Designer Casual Wear for Men: Gucci, Armani, Burberry, Marc Jacobs

Designer Casual Wear for Men: Gucci, Armani, Burberry, Marc Jacobs. Today in men’s casual wear, let’s take a look at what your favorite fashion labels are designing. Take a look at this fabulous jacket by the Spanish designer label that is Balenciaga. [Apparently, male models with pouty bee-stung lips are still in.]

V-Neck striped sweater by the Italian fashion house, Gucci. [This is a subtle zebra print fashion for men for guys who don’t want to be labeled as gay for wearing a zebra print outfit.]

This guy is modeling a jacket by Yves St. Laurent, skinny pants by Marc Jacobs, and shoes by Giorgio Armani. [Nothing remarkable except for the Marc Jacobs trousers the pattern of which gives us the creeps for some reason.]

Men’s casual jacket by Trussardi 1911. [Trivia: Aside from designing ready-to-wear clothes for men, women, and children this Italian label is also known for non-clothing design jobs. It designed the interiors of Alitalia and cars for Alfa Romeo. Do you think other designers are up to this kind of challenge?]

And, finally, a trench coat by Burberry Prorsum, the British label once on the verge of going the way of the dodo but which successfully made a remarkable comeback.

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