Justin Bieber Fashion Style: Dress Like the Bieber

Justin Bieber Fashion Style. Of course some of you teen boys want to dress like Justin Bieber. Who doesn’t? He’s popular with the girls! He’s making millions. He’s popular with the girls! He’s meeting famous celebrities. He’s got a cool car. He’s got a bachelor’s pad. He’s living the life that you can only dream about. Oh, did we say he’s popular with the girls?

Anyhoo, here’s more of Justin’s fashion style for those of you who want to look like Justin Bieber. Justin in a Dolce and Gabbana three-piece-suit. Nice pick, Justin boy.

dolce gabbana suit for teens

To ward off the winter cold, Justin wears a pea coat and a winter scarf.

justin bieber fashion style

Ahh, the good old leather jacket. Leather jackets never grow out of fashion. It will always be “cool” and will always be a good fashion investment.

justin bieber fashion style leather grey

justin bieber fashion style leather jacket

So what do you think of Justin Bieber fashion style? The teen superstar looks like he knows what he’s doing fashion-wise, no?


Look Like Justin Bieber. Want to dress like Justin Bieber? How would you do that? Well, all you need to do is copy his fashion style. Let’s begin with his fabulous slim denim jacket by G-Star.

Then let’s take a look at his sunglasses. What is he wearing, you ask? That’s a pair of Ray-Ban 4141 sunglasses.

justin bieber fashion style ray-ban

Wondering about Justin’s jeans? Well, our Justin is wearing a Volcom Appleyard Signature Jeans, baby.

justin bieber fashion style jeans

Justin wearing a Kr3w Original Hoodie.

justin bieber fashion style hoodie

Finally, to look like Justin Bieber, you should check out his Pro-Activ thingie which supposedly cures him of acne or prevents him from having them.

Want more Justin Bieber fashion?


Justin Bieber Fashion Style: Dress Like the Bieber. Whoa! Is that Justin Bieber wearing the Adidas Campo Soccer Shorts? You bet it’s him. And he’s looking so happy too. Do you think he coulda be a successful player if he didn’t hit it big on Youtube (and eventually the entire music world)? Nah, we don’t think so. He’s too skinny to be in football – whether the American one or the soccer one. What do you think?

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