David James Shirtless: Armani, HM Model, and Cosmo Everyman Campaign

David James Shirtless: Armani, HM Model, and Cosmo Everyman Campaign. We’re surprised (not to say embarrassed) to discover that English footballer David James, who we bloggged about two years ago, actually started the footballer-turned-model trend way back in 1995. We should have mentioned it the first time we blogged about David James but it’s better late than never, right?

david james shirtless armani jeans

So David James paved the way for the likes of his namesake David Beckham and other athletes-turned-Armani models such as Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Rafael Nadal.

david james shirtless underwear armani

If the photo below is any indication, we can say that David James is more daring than those who followed his modeling footsteps.

david james armani model

That’s the body of a sports stud! Maybe Beckham realized that he can’t compete with his predecessor so we decided to take the metrosexual route. Hehe. Anyhoo, David James last (maybe there are others?) modeling gig is in 2005 when he posed for the ad campaign of the Swedish retail company, H&M.

david james shirtless hm

Like some of you, one of the things we find very interesting with this gorgeous football hunk is his crazy/brave/silly/beautiful hairstyles.

david james hair

david james curly hair

david james hairstyle

david james shirtless

Which of the above is your favorite David James hairstyle?


Footballer David James in Testicular Cancer Campaign
01 March 2009

david james naked for cosmopolitan magazine

Here’s another sports celebrity, footballer David James, who bared it “all” not for the sake of art (although the photo above is “art-y”) but for the sake of increasing public awareness of male testicular cancer. You know, Cosmo Magazine’s Everyman campaign to encourage guys to get themselves checked for prostate or testicular cancer.

Good for you David for helping this worthwhile campaign. Now, when are you gonna drop that ball? [Note: David’s Cosmo Magazine photo has been moved to our celebrity underwear gallery: David James is Nekkid for Cosmo].

Want more guys who posed for Cosmo to promote male cancer awareness. Check out these hot cricket players.

David James Shirtless: Armani, HM Model, and Cosmo Everyman Campaign. Posted 1 March 2009. Updated 23 May 2017.