David Beckham Jeans Brand and Style: PRPS and Dior Homme

David Beckham Jeans Brand and Style: PRPS and Dior Homme. We’ve seen him in his Calvin Kleins. We’ve seen his tattoos, his Ellen underwear, and his newsboy hat. We even saw him get kissy kissy with one guy, get bendy with another dude, and get his bum get “spanked” by his AC Milan teammates.

Now, check out The Becks in his blue denim jeans. Argh. We sounded like we’re stalkers writing this post.

david beckham jeans faded

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David Beckham Jeans: What Brand Does He Wear? What brand of jeans does the world’s most famous footballer wear? It’s safe to assume that he wears different brands but it looks like he is pretty fond of the denim trousers made by PRPS, a New York-based label. Wikipedia states that PRPS actually manufactures its jeans in Japan while the materials used are sourced from Africa. So David Beckham’s preferred jeans are really global, eh? New York labeled, Japan-made, and grown in Africa.

Anyhoo, here’s our handsome David wearing a PRPS Barracuda regular straight-leg jeans which is supposedly made for guys who are true denim connoisseurs. [Really? We call them connoisseurs now?!] By the way, please don’t ask us what PRPS means. We don’t know. Haha. But we do know other Celebrities Who Wear PRPS Barracuda Jeans.

david beckham jeans brand prps

And here’s the Becks in black leather and a pair of PRPS Dr. Acetate Jeans. It’s made of 100% cotton and “features a vintage dark-blue wash with ample splatter effect and road rash”. What do “splatter effect” and “road rash” supposed to mean in this instance? Hehehe.

david beckham jeans prps dr acetate

And, finally, here’s another pic of Becks and his beloved PRPS jeans. That plaid shirt he’s wearing? It’s a Woolrich Woolen Mills shirt.

david beckham jeans style

As we mentioned earlier, Beckham does wear another denim brands. Check him out in a Dior Homme Distressed Corduroy Jeans. Pretty cool, huh?

david beckham jeans dior homme

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