White Speedo Swimwear for Men: David Beckham and Other Dudes

White Speedo Swimwear for Men 2017 Updated. Men in white Speedo swimsuits are the coolest according to our friend Kevin. But how cool are white Speedos, really? Well, if male fashionista David Beckham wears them when he goes swimming, then white banana hammocks must be really, really cool.

david beckham white speedo swimsuit

Here’s another photo of The Beckham in white Speedo — this time he’s modeling for H&M. [Want more men in Speedo? Go check out our post on Best Celebrity Speedo which, of course, is based on our very subjective view. Hehe.]

white speedo for men david beckham by hm

Now, it isn’t just David too who loves to wear white Speedo swimwear. Check out the other guys below:

First, here’s Latino male model Andres Rosales having fun in the beach in his tight white Speedo. Aside from modeling, Andres also participates in male beauty pageants such as Manhunt International. We read somewhere that he represents Venezuela and the Dominican Republic so he must be a dual citizen of both countries. [Oops, sorry. The photos of Andres Rosales are removed. But let’s replace it with this photo of Brazilian male model Rafael Lemes.]

white speedo swimsuit briefs - Brazilian Rafael Lemes

South African rugby player Francois Hougaard also loves him his white Speedo swim suit.

Francois Hougaard speedo22

By the way, do you know the advantages and disadvantages of wearing white Speedos? One advantage we can think of (although it can also be a disadvantage at times), is that white swimsuits tend to be more revealing than colored ones. Specifically, dark-colored Speedo’s tend to de-emphasize a man’s you-know-what. In contrast, white swimsuits do the opposite. The result is that your swimsuit attracts people’s attention. Well, here’s a picture which should very clearly illustrate what we are talking about.

white speedo

She’s like, “Whoa! What you got there?” Hehe. Who’s the dude and who’s the lady and why is she inspecting him?

Well, the dude is a random beach guy whose choice of white Speedo swimwear probably caught the attention of Alex Curran who happens to be the wife of footballer Steven Gerrard. The British tabloids were intrigued enough by the photo so they went on and on about how Alex is looking at another man’s junk. We don’t blame her. We will also do the same thing if we’re in her shoes.

The guy in the next photo is Marcus Schenkenberg. [Sorry, photo deleted.] He is a Swedish male model who’s known as the first male supermodel. We thought that “title” belongs to Jeff Aquilon but apparently not.

white speedo for men - male model Marcus Schenkenberg

So let us end this post on white Speedo swimwear for men with this photo of water polo Olympians who love them their white Speedo swimsuits. Do you happen to know these guys and the country they are representing? Do tell in the comments.

white speedo swimwear for men - water polo team - sydney olympics

White Speedo Swimsuit For Men posted on 14 January 2010. Last update on 20 February 2017.