Danish Male Model of the Day: Eddie Klint

Danish Male Model of the Day: Eddie Klint. Nearly ten years later, let us continue blogging about Eddie Klint by bringing you this photo of the Danish hunk in a pair of white boxer shorts. Because boxer briefs seem to be the underwear of choice for a majority of men, it is very rare these days to see male models in boxer shorts so we were delighted to see Eddie in classic boxers in this photoshoot for Euroman Magazine.

men in boxer shorts - danish male model eddie klint

Question: Does Eddie’s photo above remind you of a certain actor? We think its one of the cast members of the Lord of the Rings cast member but we just can’t recall his name. Want more men in boxer shorts?

Eddie Klint: Danish Male Model of the Day (posted 22 July 2011). Of course, we here at Famewatcher love us our Danish guys. And why not? They tend to be boyishly cute. They tend to be tall. And, because they’re from Denmark, we’d like to think that they’re not war freaks. Hehehe. Anyhoo, one of the top male models these days is Danish boy Eddie Klint.

hot danish men eddie klint male model

This green-eyed, brown-haired six footer stud burst in the modeling scene when he was picked in 2007 as the face of Prada Parfums. He was reportedly chosen by Miuccia Prada (she’s the granddaughter of Mario Prada who founded the Prada fashion house) to be her perfume model. We say she made an effin good and inspired choice because doesn’t our Eddie looks like he smells good? Yeah, we can smell him just by looking at his pics and we like the way he smells. Hehe.

Anyhoo, this Danish hunk also did some advert modeling for other labels such as the Italian fashion label, Gianfranco Ferre (with Georgina Stolkikkovic) as well as other high-end brands like Bottega Veneta, Lacoste, Gap, Louis Vuitton, and Uniqlo.

We know some of you are looking for shirtless Danish models so here’s our Eddie wearing nothing but a pair of short shorts.

Hey, for some reason, the picture reminds us of Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? Want more Danish hunks? Or are you more interested in Prada for men?

Danish Male Model of the Day: Eddie Klint. Posted 22 July 2011. Last updated: March 18, 2020 at 9:56 am.