Football Leather Jackets on American NFL Footballers

Football Leather Jackets on American NFL Footballers. Is this the world’s best leather jacket or not? Well, according to our friend Kevin, the best clothes in the world are those which you can wear to bed. So by his definition, Tom Brady’s leather jacket should be declared the best leather jacket in the world. But here’s the disclaimer: Kevin works the night shift and he’s more on the sloppy side so let’s not take his word for what is the best thingie in the world.

football leather jacket - tom brady nfl quarterback

Anyhoo, if you’re a Tom Brady fan, you might want to check his SNL tighty whitie underwear. Or maybe you are more interested in more celebrity leather jackets?

football leather jacket worn by tom brady

Tom on a date with gorgeous wife Gisele Bundchen.

football leather jackets - nfl quarterback tom brady

Obviously, Tom Brady ain’t the only athlete with the National Football League (NFL) who loves him his leather jacket. Check out the others below:

Ben Roethlisberger, quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, looks badass in his biker leather jacket. We won’t be surprised if it turns out that he’s a member of a biker’s club. He looks the part.

football leather jacket ben roethlisberger

Before he made it in Hollywood, actor/comedian Terry Crews actually played in the NFL as a defensive end/linebacker. He was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams and he also played for the San Diego Chargers, the Washington Redskins, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

terry crews leather jacket

Reggie Bush, running back for the New Orleans Saints, wears a black leather jacket during a date with ex-girlfriend reality star Kim Kardashian.

football player wearing leather jacket reggie bush

Leather-clad Christopher Duan Johnson, running back for the Tennessee Titans, proudly holds his trophy for Breakthrough Athlete of the Year at the 2010 ESPY Awards.

football leather jacket chris johnson

Chad Ochocinco, wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals and a popular celebrity contestant in Dancing With the Stars, is looking fab in his brown leather jacket isn’t he?

chad ochocinco brown leather

So who of these leather-wearing American football (NFL) players looks best in his leather outfit? We gotta say its Ben Roethlisberger. As we mentioned above, he looks the part of a badass leather biker.

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