Ciaran Griffiths Underwear and Shirtless Pics: Is He Gay in Real Life?

Ciaran Griffiths Underwear and Shirtless Pics: Is He Gay in Real Life? His claim to fame is playing a gay gangster but is Ciaran Griffiths gay in real life? Nope. He is a straight dude but this hasn’t stopped him from being heckled and mocked in bars because of his role as the gay Mickey Maguire in the award-winning Channel Four series, Shameless.

ciaran griffiths underwear as mickey - shorts

From the Daily Star:

SHAMELESS star Ciaran Griffiths has been bombarded with anti-gay taunts over his on-screen antics. The actor, who is straight in real life, says he is regularly heckled and mocked for playing gay ­gangster Mickey Maguire. The main culprits are boozed-up lads.

Says the actor about his hecklers and what he does to deal with them:

It’s usually a bunch of drunk lads. They know I am not gay and then one lad will say, ‘I have to ask this question’ and he’ll get all his mates’ attention and say, ‘Are you gay?’

They all fall about laughing but I generally reply, ‘Ask your dad!’ I did that once and ended up having to leave the club. I don’t mind it when girls ask the question and I do all right for ­girlfriends.

I once had a run-in with a few ­builders who were working near me. They asked if I was the guy off Shameless and when I said yes they started up, ‘The gay one, the gay one’. They were all from Liverpool and ­giving me stick. I was going to go back and sort them out but thought better of it.

Thank heavens he thought better of it, we don’t like our handsome Ciaran to end up being beaten up in some street by a bunch of silly bullies. Anyhoo, how do we confirm that Ciaran is really not gay in real life? According to our gay friend and fellow Famewatcher Kevin, by the fact that he’s not doing anything about his scraggly body hair. Haha.

ciaran griffiths shirtless

Sez Kevin: “No self-respecting gay dude will leave his body hair looking like that. Either they trim it or shave it entirely!”

Do you agree with Kevin? Or do you think he’s referring only to metrosexual gays which are not necessarily representative of the whole gay spectrum? We are inclined to disagree with our Kevin, to be honest.

Anyhoo, this January is male celebrity underwear month so we are tasked to bring you some underwear photos of the famous men we blog about and these are the pics we found for our English actor. What say you of this Ciaran Griffiths underwear?

ciaran griffiths underwear

Nice squarecut trunks, Mr. Griffiths. But we are more interested in the length and the explosiveness of your gun. Haha. His other underwear photos are not as intriguing but nonetheless are still worth checking out below.

Ciaran Griffins and Gerard Kearns sitting on a tree. Nice.

ciaran griffiths underwear shameless blue briefs

These guys sure to sit around in their undies, huh? Nice!

Ciaran Griffiths shirtless with gerard kearns - shameless

Can these two lovebirds “out-hot” the other celebrity gay kisses we published earlier?

ciaran griffiths gay kiss Gerard Kearns

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Ciaran Griffiths Underwear and Shirtless Pics: Is He Gay in Real Life? posted on 22 January 2013. Updated 14 March 2017.