Charlie Bewley Underwear and Shirtless Photo: Vancouver Affair

Charlie Bewley Underwear and Shirtless Photo: Vancouver Affair. Charlie Bewley, who plays the Volturi vampire Demetri in the Twilight Saga films, may not be as popular as Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson or Kellan Lutz but there’s a pretty good chance Charlie can outrun the trio in any running competition.

Turns out that Charlie is an award-winning runner. And he doesn’t mind running in his briefs underwear too. You can’t be more badass than that, no?

charlie bewley underwear run

So what is Charlie doing running around town in his skimpy briefs? Is he undergoing a fraternity initiation or something? Nah! It turns out that he is participating in the Vancouver 2012 Underwear Affair which is a fundraising project of the British Columbia Cancer Foundation.

Charlie emerged as the winner of the 10 kilometer race with a time of 37:40.75 which is a good two-minutes faster than the second placer. Didn’t we say he is badass?

charlie bewley shirtless

So what encouraged Charlie to join this underwear run?

According to, the Twilight hunk joined the race “in memory of two friends who have recently passed from cancer”. Metronews has more details on Charlie’s participation:

Bewley just happened to walk by the start of the event outside Rogers Arena that raises funds and awareness for cancers below the waist. “I just rolled up about half and hour before we started with my two bags ready for L.A.,” Bewley said. “I just pulled out my training gear and checked my luggage.”

In a revealing orange-striped black brief number, Bewley had no problem running nearly nude. He completed the race in 37 minutes, ahead of 1,035 other runners. “They’re surprisingly easy to run in,” he said. “As soon as you get permission to run in your undies, it’s very liberating.”

Here’s Charlie during the awarding ceremony for the Vancouver Underwear Affair.

charlie bewley underwear

Metro News adds that Charlie also raised $20,000 when he participated in the 64 kilometer BMO Vancouver Marathon in 2011. Our English hunk must really be into running long distances, eh? Way to go, Charlie!

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Oops, we almost forgot to include this fabulous pic of a gorgeous Bewley rising from a swimming pool. Yummy! He’s boyishly cute, ain’t he?

charlie bewley shirtless

Charlie Bewley Underwear and Shirtless Photo: Vancouver Affair. Posted 18 November 2012.