Fabian Cubero Hot Lody Underwear Model: Shirtless Football Hunk

Fabian Cubero Hot Lody Underwear Model: Shirtless Football Hunk. Time for another hot Argentine hunk, don’t you think? This time, let’s have thirty-three year old football star Fabian Cubero who may be Argentina’s answer to David Beckham. Like Beckham, Fabian is a football player, like Beckham he also does some underwear modeling on the side. Of course, it goes without saying that he sure has the body and the goods to be a model.

fabian cubero ropa interior

What brand is he modeling? Looks like its Lody, an Argentine brand which also featured Lionel Messi in one of its ad campaigns. [Deena says: Maybe its Lionel who should be considered the Argentine equivalent of David Beckham?]

fabian cubero hot underwear ropa interior

Who wants a pair of white boxer briefs?

fabian cubero hot sin camisa

For those who are wondering, yes Fabian is in a relationship. In fact, he is very much married to Argentine female model, actress, and vedette Nicole Neumann.

What’s a vedette, you ask? Here’s the wiki definition: Vedette is a term used in some Latin American countries to describe female singers and entertainers skilled in Latin styles of singing and/or dancing and/or acting. Equivalent English terms are diva, bombshell, showgirl. Hah! Who says you don’t learn anything from visiting Famewatcher? Hehe!

Here’s a very cool photo of our Argentine lovebirds, Nicole and Fabian.

fabian cubero hot nicole neumann

And here’s a magazine cover photo of Nicole and their two cute daughters, Indiana and Allegra.

fabian cubero hot family

Fabian currently plays for Vélez Sársfield (full name: Club Atlético Vélez Sársfield) which is based in western Buenos Aires and he holds the record for the most appearances (458 and counting) for the football club. May he continue to play for the club till he is as old as Methuselah. Okay, maybe that would be expecting a lot and would not be good for him personally and for his club. Maybe he can play until he is 42 which is apparently the record in the football world (according to our friend Kevin who may or may not know what he is talking about).

fabian cubero hot lody underwear model

Fabian Cubero Hot Lody Underwear Model: Shirtless Football Hunk. Posted 18 November 2012.