Carey Price Shirtless, Underwear, Wife, Wedding Photos

Carey Price Shirtless, Underwear, Wife, Wedding Photos. Canadian professional ice hockey player Carey Price looks really nice in his black dress shirt, no? Twenty-two-year old Carey plays for the Montreal Canadiens (position: goaltender) but he’s actually a native of British Columbia. He’s the 5th overall draft pick in 2005 and has been playing professional hockey starting in 2007. He’s a gorgeous boy with movie star/male model good looks, no? Yumm….my!


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Carey Price Speedo Swimsuit. Some of you who are superfans of Carey Price are googling for photos of his underwear. Unfortunately, we don’t have that. But we do have the next best thing which is Carey wearing a pair of Speedo swimsuit which, according to Deena, is actually better because it’s like giving someone a box of chocolates when all he’s asking is a lollipop.

carey price shirtless speedo underwear

From left to right: Christopher Higgins, Mike Komisarek, Carey Price, and Josh Gorges. We don’t know who among these four came up with the idea that they dress down in Speedos but whoever it was deserves a smack in the lips from our Canadian Famewatcher friends. Right?

By the way, the pic above is supposedly from a Halloween party. You’d think “Halloweeners” would dress as vampires and zombies but we’re not complaining about Carey and company’s Speedo costume.

All together now let’s sing: He’s in his itsy bitsy, teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini.

Carey Price Update. Our hockey hunk got married four years ago in 2013. Who is the lucky lady who won the heart of our Carey? Her name is Angela Webber and here are photos of the couple, one during their wedding day with their wedding party and another during a photoshoot.

carey price wedding

Awww. How cure are these two? They look so in love. Good for you, Mr. and Mrs. Price!

carey price wife angela webber

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