Gucci Cardigan for Men: Spring and Summer Menswear

Gucci Cardigan for Men: Spring and Summer Menswear. Stylish men’s cardigan from the Gucci Spring 2011 collection. Which outfit do you like better, the first or the second one?

gucci cardigan for men summer

gucci cardigan for men spring

While we’re on the mood to blog about all things Gucci, let’s throw in a Gucci leather jacket which, of course, leads us to this very important male fashion question: Are you a leather guy or are you a cardigan dude?

UPDATE: Deena finds our cardigan or leather question silly. Here’s what she says: “Sorrry, but I find the ‘leather or cardigan’ question kind of stupid. It is as stupid as the ‘boxers or briefs’ question that people go on and on about. What fashion law says that you can’t wear/like leather if you wear/like cardigans. Or that you’re not going to like boxers if you like briefs. Those things are not mutually exclusive. My husband wears both briefs and boxers and I like both leather and cardigan.”

Hehe. We’re getting an earful from Deena for our silly ridiculous question. Can’t say we don’t deserve it.


Male Models and Celebrities in Gucci Cardigans
28 November 2011

Who among your favorite Hollywood celebrities love them their Gucci cardigans? Well, it turns out that Academy Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx is one of them. Check out Jamie wearing a black cardigan with white stripes. Want more of Jamie? Well, go check out our post on Jamie Foxx’s Leaked Photos which shows him in his birthday suit.

Gucci continues to include cardigans in its menswear collection. Check out this male runway model in a fabulous cardigan from the designer house’s Spring Summer 2012 Collection. Looks like the designers are going for the “cardigan as long coats” fashion style, no?

Now, if you’re not into long bulky cardigans but still want to keep out the chilly spring wind. You might opt for this sweater instead which is also from the Cucci Spring/Summer 2012 Menswear Collection. Sure, it still is kinda bulky but its lighter than the cardigan/long coat hybrid above.

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