Diesel Cardigan for Men: Zayn Malik and Male Models

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Celebrities Wearing Diesel Cardigan. We are updating this post to include celebrities who were spotted wearing Diesel cardigan. Probably the most famous one is former One Direction boybander Zayn Malik who wore this fabulous red cardigan back when he was a fresh-faced wee little English boy.

Winter Cardigan For Men: Zac Efron’s Topman Cardigan

winter cardigan for men zac efron topman

Winter Cardigan For Men: Zac Efron’s Topman Cardigan. Look who’s keeping himself warm with a designer cardigan? It’s young Hollywood superstar Zac Efron. Yeah, let’s just go ahead and call him a superstar. We think he has ably navigated the tricky road from the Village of Celebrity Teendom to the City of Genuine Hollywood Superstars.

Dress Cardigan For Women: Rihanna Chic by Chanel

dress cardigan by chanel for rihanna

Dress Cardigan For Women: Rihanna Chic by Chanel. We may not be a fan of Rihanna but we give her credit for looking fabulous and rocking her cardigan dress when she attended the Chanel runway show at the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2013. Where can one buy the cardigan dress? Well, it’s made by Chanel so we’re pretty sure you’ll find them in Chanel stores whether online or in “physical” stores where our mama and grandmama used to shop in.

David Beckham Cardigan: H&M, Missoni, Ralph Lauren

David Beckham Cardigan 2017 Update. In cooperation with H&M, our David has his own line — called David Beckham Bodywear — which includes fashionable cardigans for men. Here’s David modeling his very own cardigan when he launched his Bodywear collection.