Dylan Bruce Shirtless + Underwear Photos: Is Orphan Black Actor Gay or Straight?

Dylan Bruce Washboard Abs. Let’s add Canadian hunk and Orphan Black star Dylan Bruce to our group of Famous Men With Washboard Abs. Damn! He’s sculpted like a Greek marble statue. He sure can easily give these male models with six pack abs a run for their money.

dylan bruce washboard abs

What’s his secret to having one of the world’s best sculpted abs? We don’t think its any secret at all. If you want to have golden packs like that all you need to do is a) watch what you eat and b) workout, workout, workout religiously at your gym.

dylan bruce sixpack abs

In no time, you’ll have sixpacks that will be the envy or every beach goer.

dylan bruce boxer shorts

Dylan Bruce Underwear Photos: The next photos are for those of you who are looking for underwear photos of our 34-year-old Canadian hunk. These images are screencapped from his TV show, the critically acclaimed BBC series Orphan Black.

dylan bruce underwear - boxer briefs in orphan black

In Orphan Black, Dylan plays the role of ex-military mercenary Paul Dierden “who was blackmailed into being Beth’s monitor under the guise of being her boyfriend. Following the discovery of Beth’s death and Sarah’s impersonation of her, he chooses to continue trying to protect Sarah, calling it his job. The two continue a sexual relationship.”

In an interview with collider.com, Dylan tells us how he got the biggest role in his acting career: “I actually put myself on tape in Los Angeles. I’m based here. And then, I had to do a Skype audition, which I’ve only done a few times before, and those are kind of weird. But then, I flew to Toronto and screen tested with Tatiana [Maslany]. It was a dream come true. Reading what we’ve read in the script, up to that point, and the character synopsis that I saw, it looked like such an interesting concept. To be a part of it is just a dream come true.”

He adds: “Now that we’re a part of it, the scripts that we get are like candy to us. We really don’t know. We kind of have an idea what directions our characters are going in, at this point, but we don’t know for sure and it’s a surprise to us, on a weekly basis, which makes it more fun to play than anything that I’ve played. And all the layers that the characters seem to have are an actor’s dream.”

How fun would it be to be Dylan’s onscreen partner and get to makeout with him?

dylan bruce orphan black hunk

This girl is very lucky. We sooo are totally jealous.

dylan bruce bulge in underwear

Dylan Bruce Girlfriend: What is our Canadian hunk’s relationship status? Is he dating, single, or married? Unfortunately for those of you who are dreaming of becoming Dylan’s significant other, we’re sad to report that he is already married. Here’s the wedding day photo of Dylan and wifey:

dylan bruce married - wedding photo

GOTCHA! GOTCHA! GOTCHA! The above image is actually from an episode of the short-lived TV series, The Bay. So you can relax and continue dreaming of becoming Mrs. Dylan Bruce in the future. Haha. In fact, dating history website whosdatedwho.com does not list any significant other for Dylan Bruce at the moment so its safe to assume that he is single and very much available.

Is Dylan Bruce Gay or Straight: Maybe he’s available for boys but not for girls? Heh! We don’t know. But the folks at gay-or-straight.com are only giving him a “58% gay” score which means, according to the site’s calculation, that Dylan is “quite straight”.

If it turns out that he is gay, we hope he hooks up with Orphan Black co-star Jordan Gavaris because it will make the heads of slash fiction writers explode with delight. [Kevin says: Explode with delight? Come on, sure death is what will happen if a head explodes.]

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. Posted 10 July 2014. Last updated: January 23, 2020 at 17:46 pm.