Jacob Ifan Gay or Straight? Girlfriend? Shirtless Underwear

Jacob Ifan Gay Cop in Cuffs. Time for another hot guys in uniform and we have the British TV show Cuffs to thank for for giving us this fabulous photo of Jacob Ifan and Ashley Walters. The actors play cop buddies on the new BBC One series.

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Jacob Ifan Gay or Straight in Real Life? Of the two, Jacob has the more interesting role because he plays a gay role. Here’s Jacob — as PC Jake Vickers making out with a dude. Niiiiccceee!

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Is Jacob Ifan gay or straight IRL? Who cares, no? What matters is he looks fabulous in his police uniform. Hehe.

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If you’ve never heard of Jacob before, it’s because he is really really new in the entertainment biz. In fact, this is his very first TV project. His co-star Ashley Walters predicts that Jacob is going to be the next big thing. From Radio Times:

And his co-star Ashley Walters is predicting a big future for him – at least with the ladies…

“Every day we were on set I said to him ‘you know when this goes out you’re going to be on most girls’ walls’. But the best thing about him is that he’s very humble. He’s not interested in the trappings of fame – at least not yet!”

Welsh-speaking Ifan, 22, was recruited to the BBC1 cop drama, which starts tonight, straight from drama school. Walters says they clicked instantly.

“He came in looking like Bob Dylan and I thought ‘you already look iconic’. We did a lot of ‘chemistry’ reads together and we just cooked from day one.”

The pair buddy up on screen with Walters’ character showing the rookie cop the ropes. An off-screen bromance has blossomed as well.

“At the moment he’s one of my best friends,” says Walters. “We talk most days and I think he will handle the pressure. When I work with actors like Jacob who is fresh to the business you remember how it’s meant to be – it brings you back and inspires you. Don’t tell him, but I took a lot of his energy…..”

Jacob Ifan Girlfriend? What is Jacob’s relationship status at this time? Does he have a girlfriend (or maybe boyfriend)? Is he dating anyone? Is he still single and available? Well, we haven’t seen any mention of a girlfriend of the stories we read about him so we are hoping that he is still single. Hehe.

Jacob Ifan Shirtless Photos. This section is for those of you looking for Jacob’s shirtlessness. Thank us in the comments.

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Jacob Ifan Underwear. Apparently he is a boxer briefs kind of guy.


Jacob Ifan Shower Scenes on Cuffs. In an interview, Jacob mentioned that some viewers will love his shower scenes and we agree with him. We know you love the images below, right?
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