Brian Geraghty Underwear and Shirtless Photos

Brian Geraghty Underwear and Shirtless Photos. If we are to make a list of baby-faced Hollywood celebrity, The Hurt Locker actor Brian Geraghty is sure to end up at the top of the list. The guy is 37 year old but he sometimes look like our young nephew who’s still discovering the ways of the world.

We sometimes wonder whether being baby-faced is a blessing or a curse for a celebrity [see Thomas Brodie Sangster Shirtless] but we think its a blessing for Brian because his is a face that suggests “wouldn’t hurt a fly”.

brian geraghty - hot in military uniform

In fact, we’d like to believe that if he were a soldier in combat, his enemies would hesitate to hurt him because hurting this angelic face of innocence is tantamount to hurting Jesus (or Buddha or whoever is your personification of the divine).

brian geraghty - hot in military uniform2

Anyhoo, did you know that our Brian is a very good surfer? In fact, his IMDB profile states that he “previously enjoyed being a surf instructor” and that he continues to surf in his free time. True enough here’s a photo of him with other celebrities at a surfing event.

brian geraghty shirtless - in surfing body suit

Who’s the hottest of them all? From left: Eric Avery, Brian Geraghty, Austin Nichols, Flea, Martyn Lenoble, Sam Trammell, Eric Balfour. Bottom: Anthony Kiedis. (Photo courtesy of Kyle Lishok).

Now, we know some of you are looking for underwear photos of our Jersey boy but, sadly, the only thing we found on the internetz is this one where he’s wearing what our friend Kevin says “grandma style” underwear. Hehe.

Brian Geraghty underwear - in bobby starring shia labeouf

The pic is from the 2006 film, Bobby, about the assassination of U.S. Senator Robert Kennedy. He apparently met Lindsay Lohan on the set of Bobby and she recommended him for her next movie.

Says Brian about the troubled star (via Contact Music): “She was really kind to me. I didn’t really talk to many of the people on Bobby but Lindsay and I got along really well. Then, when they were struggling to find the character to play opposite her in I Know Who Killed Me, Lindsay suggested me. I met with the producers and got the part. It seemed to be a pretty good role and the cast was great.”

He adds: “But Lindsay was going through a lot of personal things in the media and there was a lot of pressure on her. She’s a tremendous talent but she was very young and she was basically carrying this multi-million movie. I’ve got nothing bad to say about Lindsay – she helped me buy my house.”

Now that’s a real gentleman. His statement makes us love him even more for, as you very well know, we have a soft spot for Lindsay here at Famewatcher.

Does Bryan have a girlfriend or is he gay and, instead, has a boyfriend? Nah, he’s not gay. But he does have a girlfriend in the person of actress Krysten Ritter. He also used to date actress Laura Ramsey. Let’s end this post with this delightful bubble bum photo of our Brian, shall we? Nice.

brian geraghty bubble butt - surfing wet

Update: We are updating this post to bring you more Brian Geraghty shirtless photos.

Brian Geraghty shirtless

We’d also like to note that he is starring as Gene Colder in the upcoming crime drama TV series Briarpatch which is set to premiere this week. Check it out on the USA network.

Brian Geraghty shirtless body

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