Blond Men Are Hot: Male Gymnasts & Matt Damon

Blond Men Are Hot: Male Gymnasts & Matt Damon. This post is for the Famewatchers among us who are fond of male gymnasts and blond guys and men in short shorts. That just about covers everything, right?


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Blond Matt Damon in The Human Factor
14 March 2009

Look who died his hair blonde? It’s Matt Damon. Hey Matt, did you also dye it down there? Some folks are wondering, you know.

Anyways, Matt Damon is shooting The Human Factor in Cape Town, South Africa. We are so looking forward to this movie because it is about one of our favorite world leaders, Nelson Mandela. Guess who’s playing Mandela in the movie? One of our favorite actors, Morgan Freeman. Of course, Matt Damon is also a favorite :-)

From Hello Magazine:

The scene was from his new movie The Human Factor, which examines Nelson Mandela’s attempts to unify the country after apartheid by focusing on the South African rugby team’s 1995 World Cup triumph.

Matt plays South African rugby captain Francois Pienaar in the film, which is directed by Clint Eastwood and stars Morgan Freeman as South Africa’s first black president. Both stars swatted up on rugby for the film, with Matt going so far as to join a local team’s training sessions in preparation.

The Human Factor is based on the book Playing The Enemy: Nelson Mandela And The Game That Made A Nation by British journalist John Carlin. Its screen adaptation was the brainchild of Morgan, who bought the film rights to the work.

UPDATE: The movie was released as Invictus not The Human Factor. We think Invictus is a better title as it sounds more kickass and more intriguing.

Matt Damon From Hunk to Big Fat Man
30 June 2008

Whatever happened to Matt Damon? Why did he allow himself to degenerate like this? Don’t worry Matt fans, your favorite hunk is only doing this for his role as Mark Whitacre in a movie called The Informant. Thank God, its just a movie. We gotta give props to this guy for doing everything he needs to do to look the part.

Anyone out there liking Matt’s very orange swim shorts? Reminds us of them Ananda Marga practitioners :-)