Ben Hardy Shirtless, Underwear, and Girlfriend Update

Ben Hardy Shirtless, Underwear, and Girlfriend Update. We are updating this post to note that Ben is starring as some kind of exhibitionist on the show The Voyeurs which is currently streaming on Amazon. Reviewers do not appear to be impressed with the series (it’s sitting at a 43% rotten score on Rotten Tomatoes) but we’re not complaining because we catch a glimpse of our Ben in his underoos.

ben hardy underwear in the voyeurs

Secondly, we’d like to note that he broke up with Katriona Perrett who was his girlfriend when we wrote our first post below. He then went on to date actress Olivia Cooke but they also reportedly called it quits last year. Here’s a couple back when they were together.

ben hardy girlfriend olivia cooke

Finally, we censored the actor’s underwear pic we posted in our original post but here are more pics of our British actor in his boxer briefs which, thankfully, is okay with the censorious eyes of our Grandma Akita.

ben hardy underwear2

ben hardy underwear white boxer briefs

ben hardy underwear boxer briefs

Another shirtless pic of the actor because why not!!!

ben hardy shirtless

Ben Hardy Gay or Straight (30 August 2016). He is straight. And he’s got a girlfriend too. But he is a friend to the LGBT community which, for its part, also loves him back. For those who are wondering, the lucky girl who captured our Ben’s heart is Katriona Perrett. She is also in the acting biz but most of her work is on stage rather than TV/movies. Here’s a pic of the lovely couple during an X-Men: Apocalypse red carpet event.

ben hardy girlfriend kartiona perrett

Ben, for those of you who are not into superhero movies, starred as Angel on the latest X-Men installment. In an interview with MTV, he tells us how he got the much-coveted role:

What was the process like getting cast in an X-Men movie? I was in the U.K. and I had a self-taped audition. I’m supposed to put myself on tape doing the lines and I was like, “Why should I bother auditioning for X-Men? I’m not going to get it. They get tapes from hundreds of people.” But I did it, thought nothing of it, and didn’t hear anything for a few months. I forgot all about it. Then I was in L.A. to take some meetings, and my agents were like, “We didn’t tell you, but you have a screen test tomorrow.” So I did the screen test and then I got the job. It all happened kinda fast, really.

Ben Hardy Cover Boy. Our young British hunk rocks as a cover boy for the leading UK LGBT magazine, Attitude.

ben hardy gay or straight

Ben admitted in an interview that his photoshoots for the cover of Attitude magazine has helped his star rise in showbizlandia. So he is very appreciative of his LGBT fans. It goes without saying that said fans appreciate him too. With washboard abs that defy his clothes, what’s there not to appreciate, huh?

ben hardy gay wet shirt

This guy sure belongs to our men with six pack abs list, no?

ben hardy shirtless hunk

He also belongs to our list of men who rock their shorty short shorts!

Ben Hardy Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? Looks like our Ben prefers a combination of the two. Nice choice!

ben hardy underwear

Who says men cannot rock an all-white ensemble?

ben hardy sexy hot

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