Hamish Linklater Shirtless, Speedo, Girlfriend

Hamish Linklater Shirtless, Speedo, Girlfriend. Anyone of you watching Midnight Mass on Netflix? We try to avoid this kind of shows which tend to keep us awake at night but it came from the same creating who gave us The Haunting of Hill House and it is getting great reviews — its currently at 95% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes — so we decided to give it a try. Boy did it scare us so we decided to watch it only during daytime.

One of the lead actors of the series is Hamish Linklater who plays the mysterious priest Father Paul. Hamish is really good and we’re surprised to learn that he’s actually in The Big Short which we watched a few years ago.

hamish linklater midnight mass

Hamish Linklater Shirtless and Underwear Photos. We are mostly about appreciating shirtless celebrities here at Famewatcher so, of course, we ain’t gonna write a post about Hamish without bringing you some shirtless pics of the guy. These first two photos are from the 2014 movie Magic in the Moonlight where he plays a ukelele-playing and swimsuit-wearing hunk of a man.

hamish linklater shirtless in speedo swimsuit

hamish linklater speedo2

Next shirtless pic of the actor is a screencap from movie 10 Things We Should Do Before We Break Up which was released last year and, sadly, fell victim to the pandemic like many other things.

hamish linklater shirtless in ten things we should do

And here’s the actor shedding his outfits in this scene from the stage play The Singing Forest. For those of you wondering, the other dude is Mark Dold.

hamish linklater shirtless with mark dold in singing forest - lgbt play

Not shirtless but here’s Hamish in white tank top and long johns underwear in the Comedy of Errors which is part of the Shakespeare in the Park plays back in 2013.

hamish linklater underwear - comedy of errors - shakespeare in the park 2013

Finally, here’s a shirtless Hamish we grabbed on Twitter:

hamish linklater shirtless

Hamish Linklater Gay or Straight? He is straight and in a relationship with partner Lily Rabe who’s also in the acting biz. The two have been together since 2013 and have two daughters. Hamish has another daughter with ex-wife Jessica Goldberg. Here’s Hamish and Lily chillin’ on the blue carpet:

hamish linklater partner lily rabe

Did he ever play an LGBT role? We’re not quite sure but he was Clark Gregg’s object of affection during a dream scene in the New Adventures of Old Christine. Here he is about to get kissed. We’d have included their actual kiss but Grandma Akita is censorious these days and we would not like to make her angry. Hehe.

hamish linklater gay kiss with clark gregg in new adventures of old christine2

hamish linklater gay kiss with clark gregg in new adventures of old christine

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